Homey turns Five

Friday, April 30, 2021

This date five years ago, Danna and I collected the keys to our very first matrimonial home sweet home. Wooohooo time flies!

Since it's a kinda special milestone for me, I was thinking of having a family photoshoot at home but  Danna wasn't excited about the idea so we scrapped that bleurgh. But gotta thank him tho for taking these pretty photos of our home. Makes me realise it looks quite nothing like how it was when we first moved in. Danna and I are big fans of styling the whole house every few weeks so we're always having different vibes for the house. In fact, the day after these photos were taken, we had some frames up on the walls and curtains installed in the living room. DK why it took us so long to decide on that curtains tho cos we love the homely vibe soOoOooOo much!

Looking back, I'm very thankful things didn't go as we had planned some six years back cos everything ended up much better than that. I still remember the night at Danna's office where we applied for our unit on the HDB website. We actually drew lots to choose which location we want LOL I know I question our decision making too. Anyhoo, I was not expecting the location we are in now cos it's so far from my parents' place. But we agreed on it anyway.

Then come the unit selection day, the unit we were hoping to secure wasn't available. So there we were, right in front of the officer, just tikam-tikam any house that we see from the list.No research, nothing! Once again, I can't believe we did that. 

Turns out this unit that we "tikam-tikam" is indeed the best. Mini's school is just conveniently located downstairs and my workplace, which is also Mini's future primary school, is literally just beside it. Danna is also able to WFH easily since he can tap on the school's WIFI cos yeap that's just how close we are to the school. We are just one bus stop away from our favourite place to lepak - Changi Aiport! 

And most of all, the number one reason we find it hard to let go of this place, I must say it's our neighbours. Some of you may know how close we are with our next-door neighbour, we're practically like a family.

Alhamdullilah, all's good.

And this brings us to the next question; to sell the house or NOT.
Nope, this time round, we better weigh the pros and cons and not just main tikam-tikam ah hahahaha

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