A Decade in a Nutshell

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Today marks my final day in my 20s. 
Yessss, gonna be welcoming my 30 tomorrow!

I remember when I was younger and telling myself  I’ll never be one of those people who make a big deal stressing out when they turn 30. But for the past few days as my birthday's looming around the corner, I don’t know why I’m bothered by the thought of entering a new phase of adulthood. Scary? Kinda. Somehow it feels like a milestone I’m just not ready to acknowledge. Or a goodbye forever to my youth.

Yup I know,  age is just a number, but sometimes I feel it’s a number that is representing to me how much I’ve fallen short of who I thought I’d be. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely loving my life right now. My family, friends (mostly the same throughout my 20s!), my home sweet home and my job. It's just that some days it seems like there's always room for improvement. Or something greater.

But I digress. The point of today's post is to look back at the past decade and celebrate the highlights of every year. I must say it’s been a great 10 years. I have grown in every way possible this past decade 🤍

2011 | 20 years old

Fresh out of poly and still unsure what to do with life. Started my first full-time job which lasted for three months cos I was didn't know how to handle work politics. Went to Genting with Fina a few weeks after I quit. It was such an impromptu decision. My first time travelling with a friend ever! I still remember everything about that trip. I also remember that I didn't tell my mom about it, till today. :p 

2012 | 21 years old

The year I started doing what I'm doing up till today. Alhamdulillah.

My cousins and I traveled to Batam together for the first time and it was KECOH to the max lol. I still remember it was my first experience on a banana boat. It scared me to death till now. lol.

Towards the end of the year, I made the decision to wear the hijab. I never looked back. 

Also, I started this blog this year.

2013 | 22 years old

NIE days. Studying and getting paid at the same time = best life ever.

In June I had another impromptu trip to Bali. My brother and I were just thinking about going there and the next thing we knew, we booked a flight for the following day. How I miss those carefree days eh.

Then one week later, both of us were in Bangkok.

End of the year, I was in Hong Kong and Macau with my darling cousins, aka #TGIHK. From facing our fears doing the Sky Walk (at 60 storeys above ground!) to getting emotional while hugging each other watching the fireworks in Disneyland, this sure is one trip that will always be special to me and I'm sure they will never forget too. 

By the end of the year, it was when I realised, I've caught the travel bug. & I wanted more.

2014 | 23 years old

This was the year that #normanhakim happened and I got close to my two colleagues Airah and Tina, who became some of the best people I have in my life. Thanks to these girls, this was the year I started practising yoga. 

Visited KL in February with one of my best NIE buddies. It was our first time and we went crazy with the food there. (Back then I was a skinny stick and had no issues stuffing myself with 348237689kg of food and still be in the 40s kg range. Can't say the same for now la hor. Feels like breathing is enough to gain unnecessary fat.)

The following month I celebrated my birthday in Batam with Zee and her friend. 

Then I had this crazy idea of travelling solo. It didn't take me long to decide where to go and get everything booked within hours of getting the crazy idea at the back of my head. Once more, let me say I miss this carefree life, sometimes I can't believe I used to have this privilege LOL. 

Then in June, Lysa, Hariz and I had an amazeBALLS trip to Pangkor! Omg, it was such a simple island but it was one of the best places ever! From the crazy water activities we did to the accident we had on our bikes, really got to thank the company I had for this.

Right after that, we went to KL and of course, it was a Makanfest. Then they left while I had my full eye checkup at Prince Court Medical Centre alone to prep me for my Lasik surgery the next day. Best thing I've ever spent my money on, seriously no regrets.

September was spent at Boracay with my BFFS! Our first time travelling together but too bad Fina couldn't join us. I'm sure the best memory they all had was when I nearly drown while doing the helmet diving LOLOL that never fails to crack us up. Of course, when it happened, we were all prepared to fly home with me being dead LOL.

I came back from the trip and met Danna a few days later. 

Two weeks after we went for our first date, he came to my house to meet my parents. Two months later we were planning our future together. The following month, we applied for our BTO.

Then I went to South Korea with my lil sis at the end of the year!

EH WOW. This year damn happening or whut? Probably the best year in my 20s?

2015 | 24 years old

Started the year getting engaged. It was the simple one, just like Danna and I. 

My three other bestfriends got engaged too. It was an excited time for us and I'm so grateful we went through it together.

Then it was the start of our wedding preparation. You can read all about it here.

In May, the #tgihk went for a vacay to Turi Beach Resort.

Following month, I was in Phuket with Tina. She, on this trip, is the reason why I fall in love with drag queens till now LOL. 

The same month, Danna and I were invited to book our flat! Interesting fact: The flat we wanted was not available by the time it was our time to make the booking. So, right there and then in front of the customer service officer we looked at the flats available and main tikam-tikam. Yes we were that lepak. Little did we know, it was the best choice for us. 2 mins away from Zara's school and my workplace (which is also Zara's future primary school), not forgetting amazing neighbours … so yeap. Thank you God!

In October, I went to Chiang Mai for work. Enjoyed myself a lot more than I expected.

Ended  the year with a bang with an awesome birthday surprise for my dear Tina. 

2016 | 25 years old


That was seven months before my big day. 

It was exciting really, busy planning on both house reno and wedding at the same time. My savings also busy needless to say lol

Married to the l🤍ve of my life in November. There’s nothing I don’t love about my big fat wedding and if I could change anything, I’d probably wna make it even bigger hehe

Danna and I had the best times of our lives in NZ for two weeks for our honeymoon. We had a photoshoot with Fiq and did the craziest thing ever: Skydiving! Danna and I agreed that we’d come here again for our 10th year anniversary so let’s hope covid’s gone by then!

Also, my two besties got hitched too. It was so emotional for us watching each other getting married. We’ve really come so far and I love them all to death. 

2017 | 26 years old

First day of this year, I found out I was pregnant. It was a whole lot of mixed emotions but of cos mostly positive ones.

It was my first year getting transferred to another school that’s literally just two mins away from my lift lobby.

In April, Danna and I went to Sabah with his colleague and his wife. We had seafood fest every single day! The wife is also pregnant and coincidentally we shared the same EDD lol. 

2/8/2017. I’ll never ever forget this date. The call I get in the middle of the night from my brother telling me my beloved grandfather’s being rushed to the hospital and doctors are saying he don’t have much time left. It was all too much for me to digest in my head cos I had just visited him two days back and he was fit and excited to see his first great grandchild. I was also looking forward for him to azan in my child’ ears. Losing him was one of the worst things in my life, ever.

A month later, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I thought I’ve given birth to a new life but little did I know, it’s an entirely new life for me too.

The first month was the hardest. Thinking back, it’s probably not so if I had more support and if I had managed my expectations better. Just super thankful for my neighbour who helped me when I was at home alone most of the time.

In Dec, Mini had her first flight experience to Bangkok. It was the scariest for Danna and me. Actually Idk why we both think it’s a good idea to bring her overseas lol. So ambitious ah. We don’t really get to enjoy the trip in the end. Boohoo.

2018 | 27 years old

The first few months was all about me learning how to become a mother. It was so hard, I did and said things to Mini I’m not proud of. It was a very dark period of my life and I cried A LOT. Super thankful for a calm and patient husband like Danna who helped me heal emotionally.

Things got better after Mini turned about 6 months old and before we know it, she’s one. One solid year of Danna and me being parents.  

At the end of the year, the three of us performed our umrah together. A week after returning home, we flew to Bali.

Also, I received my first long service award.

2019 | 28 years old

Travelled a lot more with Mini this year. Batam, Penang and countless JB trips.

End of the year we went to Langkawi with my family, aunt and grandmother. The place is boring lol but the company was great! Mini had so much fun with my two cousins and that all that matters.

We headed straight to KL after that with Danna’s colleagues and it was one of the BEST trip to KL we ever had. 

2020 | 29 years old

Mini started school in February and I had so many plans while she’s in there. More dates with Danna during school breaks, more me-time

But none of that happened cos you know why. 

I'm just thankful that despite everything that's going on, I still have a job and my loved ones around me aren't affected financially. 

Oh also before the whole lockdown, my BFFs and I had a staycay and became tourists for three days. Other than the kids bonding and having fun, the great part of it was when the moms sneaked out of the rooms to lepak at the pool and finally have some adult talk without those cute cheeky monkeys interrupting us every five minutes


 & there you have it, my 20s in a nutshell.

If you were to ask my 20-year-old self if this is where she thought she would be in 10 years, she’d probably be very doubtful or surprised. But that’s life. It comes with lots of surprises. I am sure I am due for more surprises in this next decade.

So here’s to a celebration of life, moving forward, progress, change, and setting positive intentions to have an abundant and meaningful life. 

xoxo, N

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