Mini’s Milestone : 34 Months

Friday, July 31, 2020

Remember when this used to be a monthly update thing? I wonder where I find the time to do all that considering how clingy Mini used to be but I'm so glad I did. Some nights when Mini goes to sleep and I feel like I miss her so much, (even tho she's right next to me)  I would go back to these entries and feel like I'm relieving those moments once more. Yes, now that she's a big girl, I am the clingy one :p

So I have only one thing to update and the reason for me sharing it here is because it's kind of a big deal for both Mini and me. It's about a journey that started the day I held Mini in my arms for the first time ever and that journey has now ended...

After exactly two years ten months of my body providing nourishment and comfort for Mini, we finally stop. No more comfort latch before sleep, no more lifting my top on her own on weekend mornings. No more pumping, no more latching at ungodly hours to get her back to sleep.


Honestly, I didn't see this coming. At the start of the year, I thought okay she's turning three so I should start weaning her off. Danna and I talked to her, saying she's a big girl now and big girls don't latch on their mothers anymore. She would scream bloody murder every night when she doesn't get to latch her two favourite things in the world. I gave in, cos I realised just like her, I wasn't ready too.

Then it started to take a toll on me. On my body. So four months ago, I told myself enough is enough.

I scribbled my boobs with lipsticks and told her they're bleeding. She believed me, of cos. Some days she was okay with it, but most of the time it was hard. The first time she slept without latching on me, I stared at her perfect sleeping face and a strong wave of emotions washed over me. My baby is taking her first few steps towards independence. How long will it be until she totally stop being dependent solely on me?!

It took me two months before I stop acting like my boobs were bleeding every night. Slowly increased her milk intake before bedtime and finally, she can sleep through the night now. Today exactly one month after her last latch, I am ready to close this amazing chapter in my motherhood journey...

Will I miss this? Definitely. The quiet time we both shared, holding hands, staring at each other, and then slowly seeing my precious firstborn drift to sleep. Comforted and loved.

But it’s time for a new part of her life now.
 & I'll always be here to comfort and love her in many other ways  


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