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Monday, May 4, 2020

Seems like I won't be travelling anytime soon, so here's another late travel blog post!

So right after three days in Langkawi (blogged, here) we took a domestic flight to our favourite makan heaven - Kuala Lumpur, where else! This time round we traveled with Danna's boss and family, whom we performed the Umrah with last year.

We checked in to our amazing suite at E&O Residence. Just look at that cheeky monkey, geram jeee

The two things that Mini looks forward to in every hotel that we go to:
bath tub and jumping up and down on the big bed.

... and the pool, of course!


Twinning with my babygirl on Day deux!

Breakfast at my usual. My babe here having a#firstworldproblem cos she can't decide on what to eat.

Must-go must for the mummies :p

Happily every after starts when you have a husband who pampers you all the time :p

The ladies spent a few hours a cat cafe in TTDI while the guys chillax downstairs at a kedai mamak. We were the only customers so we had the entire place and cats all to ourselves. 

Little Miss Sunshine's happy Six am face. The day started early as we're headed to Genting Highlands.

Dropped by a strawberry farm along the way and took like 3209472389 pictures.

Mini's face when her parents are taking a picture without her.

The other gang. We miss you guys!!! We had travel plans for June and December, the first is confirm plus chop canceled but the latter, I'm praying hard will go as planned T_T

Here at the Awana Skyway! We opted for the glass cable car, much to Zul's horror bahaha

Poor Mini through out the ride pretending to be asleep.


& we're here! The last time I came was in 2011 with Fina. My first time ever travelling with a friend. Never will I ever forget that three nights of so much fun and laughter. This time round, there's nothing much I wanna try (outdoor theme park isn't opened yet) except for one:

The only reason I came all the way to Genting for. hehehe

The Eagle Landing Zipline!!!!!

Post 4D ride us!

More makan adventures at Damansara.

Impromptu visit to the Aquaria KLCC.

Mini's face the entire time we're in the underwater tunnel.

Feasted on nice nice cheap cheap food on our last day in KL.

Miss you guys lah.....

........but I miss traveling more. :(

xoxo, N

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