Staycay Vacay

Friday, April 10, 2020

My BFFs and I have been planning for a vacation for the longest time. Last we had one together was six years ago, to Boracay! (blogged, here) This time round we have our kids with us so we're all very excited cos travelling with children, we know for sure it's no leisure. More like we're asking for trouble hahaha. So last Dec, my two girls applied for leave and we decided to travel during the March holiday.

We had a bit of a ding-dong on the destination before we all agree that we shouldn't be too ambitious and fly with four kiddos. Just imagining them running around the airport is enough to exhaust me, then what if they can't keep still inside the plane? Oh the horror! In the end, we decided on Desaru. YAY!

Every other week, we reminded each other of the days countdown. Had our private car booked and the apartment too, which was so spacious and lovely and a stone throw away from the beach. We told the kids we're going for a holiday, and Mini has been asking for 'hotel' with Aufa and Khayla ever since.

But then, bak kata pepatah, kita merancang Tuhan menentukan. Four days before our departure,  all plans were called off cos my leave approval for overseas travel was rescinded. The same day, Malaysia announced its Movement Control Order. 

To say that we were upset is an understatement. T_T

So we did the next best thing we could do....


...plan for a staycation! & we booked a two night stay at Royal Plaza On Scotts.

No vacay, got staycay!

The first day was just us walking around town and then relaxing in the pool. Kids had so much fun playing together. We had them wear matching outfits. So cute!

That night when the kids are asleep, the girls and I sneaked out of the room and lepak by the pool. What a thrill! Feels like good old days, sneaking out of the house at ungodly hours quietly, trying not to wake anyone up. But this time, I'm not hiding from my mom but my daughter HAHA. We had Hariz with us via video call and we had a great time chatting about everything. Well it was, until someone's kid woke up and cried murder when she sees I'm not around. That kid happens to be my Mini. T_T

Day two: Lets act like tourists!

Admission to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest was only ten bucks each.

Mummy duties. Yes, still breastfeeding Mini at 2 years 6 months!

Meanwhile the daddies.....


My darling girls. Missing Fina who couldn't join us.

Ahh these girls. We're so happy to see you so happy. We hope you three will grow up and be best of friends, just like your Mamas.

That includes you, my smexy lips soya bean baby boy.

Later that night, the gang surprised me in my room with a cake! The girls came in first and my immediate reaction was to pull the blanket over me and scream "I'm inappropriately dressed!!!" LOL

This reminds me of the surprise they did for me seven years ago..........

THIS. I was also inappropriate dressed at this time hahaha.

  March babies with our babiessss. Look at Mini, so mentel.

Missing all the fun we had together so much now. Won't know for sure when we can meet each other again, especially with the current situation right now. Till then, stay home and stay safe you guys!

xoxo, N

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