Mini's Milestone : 23 month

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Mini is twenty three months old!

Okayyyyy obviously this post is a super belated post cos as you know, Mini just celebrated her second birthday. But better late than never, eh? Also, I've decided to make this the last entry for my Mini Milestones series. Honestly as much as I love spending time writing about it, it actually takes a lot of my time :( I'll probably do like a three months update instead of making it monthly thing, but we'll see how that goes.

Anyhoots, updates at 22 months!

Sorry baby, Mama thought trimming your fringe would be easy peasy, turns out it's not. But it's okay cos you're a toddler and everyone thinks it's cute. Do not attempt this when you are in high school lol

After so many months of collecting dust, the stroller finally get to see the sun once again! Mini used to hate it so much until recently I asked her if she wants to to sit on it, and she said ok. We went to Vivo with the stroller and didn't use the Tula at all, and that have not happened in... a year? lol. Danna and I are thinking of investing on a new stroller soon but first I have to learn to be more confident bringing this stroller out when I'm with Mini all by myself. :p

The day Danna splurged on new toys for Mini! As if she does not have enough toys at home....

Hi Khayla Arissa!

The girls spent almost an entire day at my house and we had sooo much fun catching up and making a mess in the kitchen. Our last gathering before we welcome a new addition to our kids club hehe.

Her current favourite book.

First time at a beach here in SG.

She does this all the time. I didn't even teach her this. SO CHEEEEEKY.

Current fav thing to say now. She will just shamelessly point to anyone she sees and ask loudly "WHO THAT" -_-

Mini can say a lot of words at 22 months old. She can count numbers to 30, tell us what she feels, name the colours and shapes around her and say what each letter of the alphabet stands for. But sadly, the word sorry is not one of it. She knows when she did something wrong but when Danna or I try to get her to apologise, all we get in return is a death stare. I even tried reading books and showing videos about apologising, but this girl just refuse to say it. It was at my mom's place when Mini FINALLY said that magic word, and everyone just cheered! hahaha. 

Of cos whatever you do, I will always forgive you baby. How can I not with this cutie face of yours :p

xoxo, N

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