Mini's Milestone: 22 Months

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Mini is now twenty two months old!

Last few pictures of this year's Hari Raya. This is Mini going all "I WAN AYAH HAT!"


Hariz was back in town for Hari Raya break so a meetup is a must! We brought the girls out to Kidztopia and we (Mummies & Daddies esp) had so much fun. Girls are still not playing with each other, but they're not grabbing each other's hair or quarrel over some toys so we're okay with that hehe.

Spent three nights at Barelang, blogged here.

We also had a short one night stay at Capri by Frasers JB. Super clean cos it's new and we definitely love its location, a walking distance from the checkpoint.

We also spend a lot of time at Jewel. Below pic is when Mini 'stole' a durian from two China visitors who were eating at Durian Empire lol.

Playtime with Abang.

Okay time for past month update!

i) Imaginary Play
Mini got obsessed with acting like a doctor, thanks to all the Cocomelon she's been listening to all day. It took me DAYS to comprehend what she meant when she said "I wan check" rupenye she's pretending to hear my heartbeat using her invisible stethoscope lol. Danna and I bought her a play doctor set the following day and this is what she do to her dolls every single day.

We also set up the pink playhouse which was a birthday present she got from her first birthday. 

ii) Eating with fork

Mini has mastered eating using fork with little to zero mess. She had noodle everyday for a week during my June hols and it made me happy seeing the amount of noddles on the floor getting lesser as each day. Good job, baby!

iii) Count numbers 1-20
There's a video somewhere but can't find it among 32867238 other videos I have in my phone. But yes! Mini can count from 1 to 20 already and I know for sure it's not from her rote memory, cos she can be given any number in any order and she can correctly tell us what number it is.

v) Kentut?
Somehow it tickles her funny bones when she farts or hears someone else do so. Actually to think of it, I don't even know where she learns the word from cos I don't remember farting and telling her what that is lol. Now every time she farts. she never fails to tell everyone by saying it out loud and then chuckle to herself. lol

vi) Upgrade to size XL
Mini is still small compared to her friends of the same age. She's not even 10kg okay! But somehow size L does not fit her anymore, so someone got an upgrade!

xoxo, N

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