Mini's Milestone : 21 Months

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Mini is 21 months old now!

Her personality is becoming more apparent now - she clearly hates company so she doesn't mind being alone in a room full of kids her age as long as she's happy doing whatever she is doing in her own bubble. Not sure if it's something I should be very concerned about at her age, but I really hope she grows up to be nothing like her anti-social parents lol.

Highlights for the past month.

Since it was the semester break, I let Mini play at the playground every single day, and she loves it. I do too, cos one hour of running around means bedtime is before 9pm :p Every day, Mini runs straight for the slide without a second glance at the other kids or even me. One thing I realise about Mini is that she's very selective about who she's okay with so on some days I get to see her playing catch with other toddlers, some days she just prefers to be alone.

Staycay at Double Tree Hilton JB during the fasting month. Look who's excited to see the bath tub!

Her favourite fruity snack.

Her favourite thing to do now which scares me to death all the time.
 Look at that cheeky face at the end.

Bookworm Baby

Current favourite read - Five Little Ducks. & by favourite read I mean reading the same book about 25 times a day LOL.

So it's no wonder she can easily memories some of the stories and nursery rhymes that we read every day.

Second Hari Raya

I remember last year's raya as chaotic and sadly I didn't get to enjoy bonding with my cousins as much as I used and love to. This year was no difference, Mini was a total clingy girl! She behaves very different in every house that we go to, most of the time she's more cheerful and friendlier to strangers when we're at Danna's side, but when it comes to my side she's the total opposite. I don't blame her though, I have big family on both sides so family gatherings are very huru hara, and I'm sure Mini does not enjoy it one bit.

Sing and Dance

Watching Cocomelon on tv is alot more interesting now that Mini can dance to the songs. And recently I finally hear her "sing" along to the songs and she gets all excited when I join her singing and dancing infront of the tv.

Counting down to your big TWO baby. ♥️

xoxo, N

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