Mini's Milestones : 19 Months

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Mini is 19 months old!

The past month has been really interesting witnessing Mini communicating with us in a complete sentence like "I want kepopok (keropok)" or "Why Mama cry?" (Once I was too sleepy I started to tear up as I yawn, hence the question) Another interesting thing that Mini FINALLY said is... "Ayah!"lol

The day Danna planned for a surprise gathering with our Umrah gang. Someone's in such a good mood after seeing her kakak after a long time. Okay this reminds me I need to finish my Umrah post that has been chucked under my draft for quite some time.

Mini and her Kakak at the National Gallery.

Remember how Mini was obsessed with mirrors in my prev posts? Well she's partly the reason why Danna and I decided to add a mirror cabinet recently to hide the bomb shelter. 

Very much unlike her Mama, Mini is such a water baby. 

No baju mandi? No problem! Well not hers at least, cos it's Mama's problem lol. I had to buy a towel for her just because she won't take no for an answer when it comes to playing in the water park.

Our first visit to the Tampines Library and we're so loving the place. That's Mini excitedly rolling and climbing around the space, probably thinking this is a playground. Speaking of which, there's an indoor playground in the library itself called PLAYtopia.

Senget fringe thanks to Danna lol

Her favourite thing to do whenever she sees me getting ready for my prayers.. is to just lie down on the prayer mat and literally do nothing but stare at me.

Okay, monthly milestones at 18 months!
i) Counting One to Ten

Mini can now say out numbers 1 to 10!  Here's a video Mama testing her with flash cards I made myself.

Next month we can learn addition lah okay? :p

ii) Self-feed

She stared learning how to use the fork and spoon some time back but nowadays she INSISTS that she feeds herself rather than being fed. Bcos Mama malas nak layan her tantrums which ended up her not eating, I always have to give in and let her eat macam sloth. S O S L O WWWWW.  

Another reason why meal time can last an hour. -__-

iii) I seee.. I seee...

A game she started herself which she enjoys till now! Basically she grabs a book, open to a random page and say out what she sees starting the sentence with "I seee, I see..". In this video, I was totally not expecting her to call the guy "Ayah" lol

iv) Learning Colours

hehhe that last part. It's okay baby, yang penting, confident mau lebih okay? :p

xoxo, N

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