Mini's Milestones : 18 Months

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Baby girl is 18 months old now. It's half a year till her next birthday. Say whuat!!

Yass work it baby gurllll

Playdate with her besties. Being here sure bring back lots of memories for my girls and I cos we used to have swimming classes and lepak after school sessions right here when we were in secondary school. And now more than a decade later we're here with our Minis. Time sure flies!

The two Zaras.


The past month has been really exciting cos Mini is picking up lots of new words and Mama playing the guessing game trying to figure out what she's saying. Once she run to the corner in our living room, excitedly pointing her finger at the wall  and went "ock ock" repeatedly. I honestly thought it was some gibberish baby talk until I listened closely and realised she was saying "Clock! Tick tock!"


Some things my baby Mini can say now!

i) "Where, where?"

She picked this up from one of her favourite storybook "Where's Spot" The book that we read almost 10 times a day. Yes she was asking for tet*k in the first video lol

ii) Animal and their sounds

Omg pardon my very annoying voice but yay good job Mini for being able to identify more than 15 different animals and the sounds they make.

iii) Head, Shoulders, Knees and so many moreeee

& just this morning she woke up and started pointing different parts of my face and saying them out loud.... at THREE IN THE MORNING -__-

xoxo, N

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