Mini's Milestones : 17 Months

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Mini is 17 months old now!

The previous month was filled with plenty of 'first' experiences. No milestone updates, just some of my favourite pictures of Mini doing the things she loves and being all happy :)

At the zoo! Mini was not at all excited to see the animals she has been seeing in her storybooks. (she can say the names and sounds of more than ten animals now!) She was a lot more excited to see the water area, no surprise there.

The last time she has not walk yet, so it was both exciting and exhausting to see her running around.

This girl pantang nampak water, or as she calls them "bubbles"

First experience with fireworks. Unlike Mama, Mini was not feeling it. Her expression says it all.

We learned there's a playground at T1 the day we sent my sis off at the airport for her solo trip. Mini loved the space so much cos it's huge and empty, Mama loves it cos right at the viewing deck and most importantly, free :p

Playdates with Alisha. 

What happens when I say "Take picture!!" Mini will automatically stand in front of a wall and pose.

Confirm plus chop anak mak, this one :p

xoxo, N

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