Fun at Fanpekka

Friday, March 1, 2019

Danna and I are frequent visitors to Aeon Mall Tebrau City at JB since our dating days. From catching a movie to splurging on their yummy food and doing groceries shopping, there's just so many reasons to love that place. Recently, we found another reason to keep coming back.

 & that is....

F A N P E K K A 

The perfect, magical indoor playground for all kids, and adults with inner kids within them... like me :D

Mini got in for free cos she's under the age of two. So we paid RM20 (RM10 for each adult) for unlimited hours of play. Yes that's right.. U N L I M I T E D play for RM20! Worth it or whutz!

Do take note that unlike the indoor playgrounds I've been to in SG, this one here requires some form of identification to prove your child's age. So we passed her passport for verification.

Also, socks is a must have! We didn't have one when we first came so we had to purchase one at RM6. Unfortunately the size was too big for Mini, so we had to find one at Mothercare.

View from the "Castle" The place is huge gaiseeeeee.

We've been here twice so Imma post pictures from both visits, so you'll see some pictures where Mini looks like this...

At exactly twelve months old. & some pictures looking like this:

At seventeen months old.

Gone were the days where the headband stays longer than a minute on her head lol

You can find different sections here as seen above. Both times when we came here, Mini zoomed past all the sections cos she had her eyes on something that she loves so much and that is.............

Ball pool, of cos!

Now that's she's a lil older, she finally find the slide enjoyable so this one is definitely her fav too.

Another section where Mini totally enjoyed playing at during our recent visit is the Assembly Area.

Here, your kiddos can build their own house and fill it up with your own furniture.


My bookworm baby.

Mini was too young to understand anything about role play here but she sure had fun throwing everything all over the floor lol

Looking like a boy here,no?

Play dress up with the costumes for free.

There's a cafe located inside the playground which serves really yummy food from Western to local cuisines. Affordable too, needless to say. Mini finished everything on her plate so I guess she finds them really yummy too?


So yay to many many more fun times here at Fanpekka, hopefully with our friends along next time.
Seriously, I don't mind spending the whole day here cos that precious smile makes everything worth it. 

xoxo, N

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