Mini's Milestone : 16 Month

Friday, February 8, 2019

Yes I've changed the title under #Miniupdate! Sound a lot better now, yessss?

My baby is now 16 months old!

So many things happened last month, sometimes I just can't believe my baby is all grown up. She can now follow simple instructions (e.g. "Take tissue." and "Wipe your mouth!") She's also a lot more independent now that she wants to do things by herself (like feeding, undress and putting on her shoes) SIGHPIE

As usual, we start with my fav pictures of Mini for the past month.

Mini's fifth flight. To Bali, blogged here.

Her obsession with mirror continues lol

Also her obsession with accompanying Mama in the toilet lololol

It was the Dec holidays period so we spent a lot of time going out...

She gets so excited every time she sees the playground.

Meeting good old friends...

Visiting the farm..

 & of course playdates! Lots and lots of em!

The day we brought Mini out in a stroller after sooo long.
For the first time we didn't use the Tula at all.

Spot the difference lol

Milestones at 15 months old!

i) Upgrade to size L pampers

& Mama on the other hand, NEEDS to downgrade from size L to M 

ii) First toothbrush

Initially it was veryyyyyyyyyyyy hard trying to get Mini to clean her teeth. Danna and I let her watch songs on Youtube about keeping our teeth clean which she quite enjoy. So every time we want her to brush her teeth, we'll have to sing that song repeatedly before she even wants to hold the toothbrush.

iv) First Speedboat Experience

All I can say is that it's so not enjoyable for both Mini and Mama. :x

Some of the things she can say now...

i)Mama Mama Mama

Caught on camera : Mini calling me Mama for the first time! Okay so she's been saying the word since a few months back but this was the first time I realised she actually use the word Mama to call me and not just blabbering it. Now every time she wants me she goes Mama x100  lol irritatingly cute.

ii)  Abam, Kakak, Mbak

In addition to saying the words Atok and Nenek, now Mini can call out everyone in the family. All, except Ayah :p

With her abam.

Also, remember the singing game I blogged about here? She now has a new game where I sing a song and after I'm done she will say any word she knows (an animal,a family member etc) , expecting me to put whatever she says into the song.

Like when I sing "Baby Shark". She will then say for example, "Nenek" So I will replace the word baby to nenek. This game is a GREAT distraction for her I swear. Once there were just two of us taking the bus to the airport and she started acting up, so I had to be a thick skin and sing inside the crowded bus. But hey, it works so that's all that matters :p

iii)  A B C D E F G H 

When did you become so smart :')

xoxo, N

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