Mini's Milestone : 15 Months

Saturday, January 5, 2019

I thought I would have more than enough time to work on this entry right after I got back from Bali but I was wrong. I used to think being a SAHM is such an easy peasy job and I will have all the time in the world to do anything I want once the baby is asleep. Again, so wrong. SO VERY WRONG -___-

Now that I'm back to work, a part of me is missing the precious 24/7 time I have with my baby but the other half of me is just glad I can finally have a break from her. I mean, just look at this.........


Anyhoots! Favourite highlights of Mini at 14 months!

Where we spent a lot of our time at during the hols - playground bawah block!
Lol at her grumpy cat expression. Like father like daughter lah this one!

With her BFFs at Aufa's first birthday party. Witnessed Khayla's first few steps!

& of course, hands down the best highlight from previous month goes to.........


Fourteen months update!

i ) First Kiss

It didn't take long for Danna and I to notice that Mini is a lot more approachable to boys compared to girls. She runs after the boys but run away from the girls. She will do anything to get a boy's attention (one time at Al-Falah she ran after a boy who later got so scared and hides behind his dad HAHA) but completely ignores girls. Why liddat ah!

& this, was the first thing she did when she meet her second cousin who was born two weeks after her.

I is speechless.

ii) First long hour flight (9hours 25 mins to be exact!)

On our way to Jeddah. It was one of my biggest worry but Alhamdulillah Allah made it very easy for us cos Mini slept most of the time. But do I want to go through it again? Erm no way Jose. The pressure when she's awake and started to get cranky is too much for Danna and me!

iii) Obsession with Mirrors


iv) Say Atok & Nenek

She surprised me one day when she randomly said the word "nenek" and "atok" repeatedly. Not surprised she's still scared of my parents tho. Poor girl cried murder when they want to kiss her at the airport before we left for Umrah -_-

v) A B C D

This one also caught me by surprise! usually she would hear me sing to the alphabet song but one day I randomly asked her what the letters are for and Mama was likeeeeee........

xoxo, N

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