Bali and a Baby

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Back in September, I randomly asked Danna if he would like to go for a short vacation after we return from our Umrah. We immediately made a list off places-with-less-than-3-hours-flight and within minutes we decided on a beach vacay. Later we found great deal with SQ so we thought yes it's a sign from God that we deserve this vacay so we made the booking right away teeheee.  So fast. So random. So impromptu. & the place we've choosen is.........

BALI (as if the title is not obvious enough lol)

Danna bought an Osmo Pocket at the Departure Hall. (yet another random and impromptu decision!) We've already packed our Fujifilm camera and Go Pro Hero Black for the trip, so I thought with this new camera, we will have lotsssss and lotsssss of pictures right?

If you've been reading this blog since it started (is there even any? bahaha) then you've probably read about my first trip to Bali, blogged here. Just like the last time, I was plan-less. Only had the hotel and driver booked, and everything else is just us going with the flow.

Very bold for someone travelling with a baby, eh?

For our accommodation, we would love to stay in a villa but the ones we prefer are either damn ulu or mad expensive. So we chose The Haven Bali located at Seminyak. & of cos I just have to get a suite!

Pics from Agoda

Some pictures and highlights of the trip!


My friends rave about this app whenever they're in Bali so of cos we just have to try it out too. We ordered our dinner every single night and the best thing is that it's super cheap. That also applies to their car rides. Initially we intended to use our car driver's service for all five days that we were in Bali but we ditch him for Gojek. heh.


We had a three hours car ride to Kintamani just to have lunch with this view. Honestly I don't think it's worth it at all cos 1) it rained 2) FLIES EVERYWHERE 3) I ended up not eating/enjoying much and.....

4) this girl vomited not once, not twice but thrice on our way here! On my brand new white pants T_T

We stopped over a wholesale shop to get this top for four bucks.


Hands down the best part of the trip! Even thou I almost piss in my pants as soon as I sat on the swing lol 


Probably the cleanest and most beautiful beach we've seen in Bali. Used to be a secret beach but now it's open to public with an entrance fee. We did nothing here but sleep on the beach bench cos the weather is just cray crayyyy.

Mini's first buggy ride! 
Off to the beach located just minutes away from our hotel. 

Also spent the entire time sleeping at the beach bench! Sia-sia book suite room lol

This was when we walked all the way from Kuta Beach to our hotel in Seminyak cos we want to avoid the mad traffic. Mini was sleeping through out the 4km walk phewwww

In a nutshell, both Danna and I agreed that Bali wasn't as enjoyable this time round with a baby in tow. But would we have done otherwise? Definitely not. Mini totally enjoy her time in Bali and that's all that matters for us!

Looking forward to our next vacay......probably in 5 year's time when Mini's old enough and don't need us to carry her around anymore HAHA.


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