Umrah with a Toddler - Makkah

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Danna and I completed our first Umrah together with a toddler in tow last December, and it was one wonderful spiritual journey that we both are just dying to experience over and over again.

To be honest, we were not keen with the idea of bringing our then-14 months old Mini along. Upon the advice of our friends and families who have been to Makkah and Madinah, they thought it was best to go just the two of us. Danna and I agreed, after all our intention was solely to focus on our ibadah, yet how can we possibly do so with Mini around, right? I mean, we can't even enjoy our meal together in peace without her acting up for attention at home!

We were convinced we have made the right move and proceed to make the deposit. Until the day I stumbled upon a a random IG profile who shared about her experience performing Umrah with a baby and suddenly Danna and I were doubting our decisions.We started looking up for Youtube videos and blog posts about Umrah with kids and before we know it, we made payment for Mini to tag along. (Fyi, we had to top up $400 for her)

If you ask me now, Danna and I wouldn't have it any other way. Sure there are more pros and our ibadah could have been more focused without Mini but I must say that He has made it very easy for us throughout the trip. All we had to do was pray, have faith and leave the rest to Him. For the benefit of others, and for my own future reference, I'll be sharing my journey and some tips on performing Umrah with a toddler.

ps: very LONG post ahead!

Mini's Milestones : 19 Months

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Mini is 19 months old!

The past month has been really interesting witnessing Mini communicating with us in a complete sentence like "I want kepopok (keropok)" or "Why Mama cry?" (Once I was too sleepy I started to tear up as I yawn, hence the question) Another interesting thing that Mini FINALLY said is... "Ayah!"lol

The day Danna planned for a surprise gathering with our Umrah gang. Someone's in such a good mood after seeing her kakak after a long time. Okay this reminds me I need to finish my Umrah post that has been chucked under my draft for quite some time.

Mini and her Kakak at the National Gallery.

Remember how Mini was obsessed with mirrors in my prev posts? Well she's partly the reason why Danna and I decided to add a mirror cabinet recently to hide the bomb shelter. 

Very much unlike her Mama, Mini is such a water baby. 

No baju mandi? No problem! Well not hers at least, cos it's Mama's problem lol. I had to buy a towel for her just because she don't take no for an answer when it comes to playing in the water park.

Our first visit to the Tampines Library and we're so loving the place. That's Mini excitedly rolling and climbing around the space, probably thinking this is a playground. Speaking of which, there's an indoor playground in the library itself called PLAYtopia.

Senget fringe thanks to Danna lol

Her favourite thing to do whenever she sees me getting ready for my prayers.. is to just lie down on the prayer mat and literally do nothing but stare at me.

Okay, monthly milestones at 18 months!

Happy Castle

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

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Happy Castle , happy baby. 

xoxo, N

Mini's Milestones : 18 Months

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Baby girl is 18 months old now. It's half a year till her next birthday. Say whuat!!

Yass work it baby gurllll

Playdate with her besties. Being here sure bring back lots of memories for my girls and I cos we used to have swimming classes and lepak after school sessions right here when we were in secondary school. And now more than a decade later we're here with our Minis. Time sure flies!

The two Zaras.

Birthday Highlights

Sunday, March 17, 2019

My fav month is here!

Danna and I had a bit of a scare with Mini at the hospital on the first day of the month, but thankfully it was nothing serious and I get to enjoy the rest of the days leading to my *ehem*18th birthday.

Sweet colleagues who sang me a birthday song in the staff room and bought me cupcakes!

Gift and a card from my darling neighbour. The surprised me at the doorstep with a birthday song and I was so inappropriately dressed lolz

Surprise from Danna. 

Oh he also surprised me with a one night stay at Sofitel City Centre. I love that man so very much 

There's also a surprise from my P2 kiddos. No wonder they have been acting so strange the whole week, rupenye they have were up to something. & that something is really so sweet, I wasn't expecting it, especially the presents. Also look what Danna gave me as a birthday pressie, sis suka! 

So that sums up my birthday week. I cannot be more grateful for these wonderful people in my life and the blessings He has bestowed upon me. I may not have all I have but I believe I do have all I ever need. Alhamdulillah, All praises to Allah.

xoxo, N

Mini's Milestones : 17 Months

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Mini is 17 months old now!

The previous month was filled with plenty of 'first' experiences. No milestone updates, just some of my favourite pictures of Mini doing the things she loves and being all happy :)

At the zoo! Mini was not at all excited to see the animals she has been seeing in her storybooks. (she can say the names and sounds of more than ten animals now!) She was a lot more excited to see the water area, no surprise there.

The last time she has not walk yet, so it was both exciting and exhausting to see her running around.

This girl pantang nampak water, or as she calls them "bubbles"

First experience with fireworks. Unlike Mama, Mini was not feeling it. Her expression says it all.

We learned there's a playground at T1 the day we sent my sis off at the airport for her solo trip. Mini loved the space so much cos it's huge and empty, Mama loves it cos right at the viewing deck and most importantly, free :p

Playdates with Alisha. 

What happens when I say "Take picture!!" Mini will automatically stand in front of a wall and pose.

Confirm plus chop anak mak, this one :p

xoxo, N

Fun at Fanpekka

Friday, March 1, 2019

Danna and I are frequent visitors to Aeon Mall Tebrau City at JB since our dating days. From catching a movie to splurging on their yummy food and doing groceries shopping, there's just so many reasons to love that place. Recently, we found another reason to keep coming back.

 & that is....

F A N P E K K A 

The perfect, magical indoor playground for all kids, and adults with inner kids within them... like me :D

Mini got in for free cos she's under the age of two. So we paid RM20 (RM10 for each adult) for unlimited hours of play. Yes that's right.. U N L I M I T E D play for RM20! Worth it or whutz!

Do take note that unlike the indoor playgrounds I've been to in SG, this one here requires some form of identification to prove your child's age. So we passed her passport for verification.

Also, socks is a must have! We didn't have one when we first came so we had to purchase one at RM6. Unfortunately the size was too big for Mini, so we had to find one at Mothercare.

View from the "Castle" The place is huge gaiseeeeee.

We've been here twice so Imma post pictures from both visits, so you'll see some pictures where Mini looks like this...

At exactly twelve months old. & some pictures looking like this:

At seventeen months old.

Gone were the days where the headband stays longer than a minute on her head lol

Mini's Milestone : 16 Month

Friday, February 8, 2019

Yes I've changed the title under #Miniupdate! Sound a lot better now, yessss?

My baby is now 16 months old!

So many things happened last month, sometimes I just can't believe my baby is all grown up. She can now follow simple instructions (e.g. "Take tissue." and "Wipe your mouth!") She's also a lot more independent now that she wants to do things by herself (like feeding, undress and putting on her shoes) SIGHPIE

As usual, we start with my fav pictures of Mini for the past month.

Mini's fifth flight. To Bali, blogged here.

Her obsession with mirror continues lol

Also her obsession with accompanying Mama in the toilet lololol

It was the Dec holidays period so we spent a lot of time going out...

She gets so excited every time she sees the playground.

Meeting good old friends...

Visiting the farm..

 & of course playdates! Lots and lots of em!

The day we brought Mini out in a stroller after sooo long.
For the first time we didn't use the Tula at all.

Spot the difference lol