Saturday, December 21, 2019

Finally I have some time to update this space! 

So many things I wanna write about here but lets start with our trip to Penang during the recent September holidays. Danna and I were thinking of going to KL at first, but we later plan for that to happen in December instead with Danna's colleague(his boss, actually) and his family. For this Penang trip, we also have another one of Danna's colleague and his lil family with us. The more the merrier!

Accommodation wise, we had Hard Rock Cafe in mind (we loveeee the swimming pool!) but looking at its location, we agree that it is so unnecessary to spend so much on Grab every day just to get to the town area, where we want to spend most of our time at. So we chose The Wembleys, which is conveniently just opposite a shopping mall.

As always, Mini's the happiest one when she finds herself in a hotel room. Especially when this one comes with a bathtub.

As you already know, Penang is known for its glorious food. So our itinerary here all day everyday is all about eat, eat and eat some more. We did a lot of research on must-go places to dine in and for me, the one I was most excited to go to is..


If you don't already know, I am a freak when it comes to anything Harry Potter.

Sorry baby, see no taste okayyy.

We ended up spending more time taking pictures with the props, no surprise there :p

Three Cheers For Three Years

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart. 
I am never without it
Anywhere I go you go,my dear

xoxo, N

Umrah with a Toddler - Madinah

Saturday, November 2, 2019

This month marks the first year since our Umrah. I blogged about Makkah here

After six days, we bid goodbye to Makkah and headed to Madinah. The entire journey took us eight long hours bus ride with only one pit stop along the way. I was so worried about this part of the trip but He always make it easy for us. In fact, Mini slept 90% of the time and so did I.

Happy she gets to run around for a while. Thank you for being an easy baby, my precious boo! InsyaAllah if we were given the chance to visit Makkah and Madinah again, Danna and I would definitely opt to take the train instead of the bus. Way more convenient and time-saving.

Jurong Bird Park

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

We had a fun play date with Alisha at the Bird Park recently. It's been many years since all of us last stepped into that place so we are all looking forward to it. I'm so glad to see Mini interacting with her buddy Alisha, at last. Cos for the past play dates, she shows no interest in playing together with her buddy. Fun fact: these two cuties are actually third cousins. My father and Azmi's grandmother are cousins, which makes me and him second cousins and our daughters third cousins. & we all found out about this only on my my wedding when our parents met. Small world, huh?

xoxo, N

Mini's Milestone : 23 month

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Mini is twenty three months old!

Okayyyyy obviously this post is a super belated post cos as you know, Mini just celebrated her second birthday. But better late than never, eh? Also, I've decided to make this the last entry for my Mini Milestones series. Honestly as much as I love spending time writing about it, it actually takes a lot of my time :( I'll probably do like a three months update instead of making it monthly thing, but we'll see how that goes.

Anyhoots, updates at 22 months!

Mini's Second Birthday Party

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A simple party surrounded by the only people who matters - family.  Excuse my grumpy looking daughter, it's almost impossible to get Mini to smile in front of the camera nowadays. I know she looks like she's not enjoying it lol but actually, she really do!  She loves the attention, the birthday song, and especially after this when she gets to finish up a small slice of the ice cream cake.

You mean the world to me and I love you so much Mini. You're one very smart kid and I'm sure you will always shine bright in whatever you do, wherever you go. It's a big world out there and there's so much more for you and I to learn and discover together, and as long as I am still breathing I will always keep you in my dua.

Now tell me, are you ready for an Adik?:p

xoxo, N

Mini is Two!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

My babygirl turns terrific two! The baby who came out of me after fourteen hours of labour (blogged here!) two years ago is now an active toddler who just can't stop asking and chatting away. Thank you sayang for being so easy to handle. for changing me in the best way possible and most of all, for making me a mother. I love you always, in all ways my pretty little Princess!

xoxo, N

Walk with you

Friday, August 9, 2019

I will walk with you 
 Every step of the way 
 Love you all my life 
 Love you everyday

Mini's Milestone: 22 Months

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Mini is now twenty two months old!

Last few pictures of this year's Hari Raya. This is Mini going all "I WAN AYAH HAT!"


Hariz was back in town for Hari Raya break so a meetup is a must! We brought the girls out to Kidztopia and we (Mummies & Daddies esp) had so much fun. Girls are still not playing with each other, but they're not grabbing each other's hair or quarrel over some toys so we're okay with that hehe.

Spent three nights at Barelang, blogged here.

We also had a short one night stay at Capri by Frasers JB. Super clean cos it's new and we definitely love its location, a walking distance from the checkpoint.

We also spend a lot of time at Jewel. Below pic is when Mini 'stole' a durian from two China visitors who were eating at Durian Empire lol.

Playtime with Abang.

Okay time for past month update!

Barelang Resort Batam

Saturday, July 27, 2019

When deciding on the destination for our getaway over the recent June hols, Danna and I were torn between KL and Batam. The former, despite the fact that I've been there ten times for the past four years, is always a good idea but I kinda prefer somewhere we can just chill, relax and not do much walking. Based on the title of this post, obviously we chose latter!

Since it's the first time we're travelling to Batam with Mini, Danna and I have to consider several factors before we book the ferry #1 Must have is a toilet (clean, is a must!) in case Mini surprises us with a poonami. #2. Comfortable space for a hyper toddler to run around and her Mama to breastfeed her.

Which is why we chose Majestic Fast Ferry! For just a $5 per pax top-up, we get to upgrade to a Business class which looks something like this:

A private room with four reclining chairs and two TV. There's even USB charging ports!

If you're travelling with kids, beat the queue by going into this lane.

Shuttle bus is provided only at Batam Centre. Since we reached the ferry terminal quite early, we chose to explore Megamall (located right next to the ferry terminal) before getting on the shuttle bus at 2pm. Do take note that Grab/Gojek are not allowed to pick up passengers from the hotel. Even food deliveries are not allowed in the hotel.

Finally here after a half an hour journey!

Mini's Milestone : 21 Months

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Mini is 21 months old now!

Her personality is becoming more apparent now - she clearly hates company so she doesn't mind being alone in a room full of kids her age as long as she's happy doing whatever she is doing in her own bubble. Not sure if it's something I should be very concerned about at her age, but I really hope she grows up to be nothing like her anti-social parents lol.

Mini's Milestones : 20 Months

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Mini is 20 months old now!

A very quick update of Mini's highlights at nineteen months old.


We had our first road trip to Lanjut, which took us almost six hours to get there. I was a lil worried at first but as Danna said it, if we can survive the long bus ride from Makkah to Madinah, we can survive this road trip. & he was absolutely right!

Mini had her first experience at the beach, and as expected she screamed murder when we put her on the sand. But she enjoys it after a while and even refuse to leave after that.

Danna and I got her a colouring book for this trip and it was more than enough to keep her occupied and forget all about her 'doo-doo' on the iPad..

KO after running around IKEA.

First visit to Masjid Sultan!

Danna spent almost a week away from home to go riding with his friends to Krabi. (crazyyyy, I know!) These sweet pics were captured the day Danna returned. No more of such trips, pretty please?

xoxo, N