Mini's Updates - 14 Months

Sunday, December 9, 2018

So I couldn't find time to write a proper entry cos I was too busy during the last week of school and the week full of meetings after that. Then the following week Danna & I went for our first Umrah with Mini (so excited to share on this!!) and now we're back for a few days before leaving for Bali next week, so I better finish what I've started here before it's 2019 :D

So yup! Last month's update!

Monster Inc's Boo spotted at Bodeiga Barbershop. My lil brother together with his two friends have opened up a barbershop near Clarke Quay and I am one super duper proud big sister!

Learned to say new word : Bubble.

My happy baby and her hairstyle which I find totally cute, but her father thought otherwise haha

New found love for blocks.

Giving the puppy eyes when we say NO to new toys. Drama game strong tau this girl.

We saw the Splash-N-Surf sign while walking aimlessly at Kallang Wave and decided to check it out. Of cos Mini got excited and ran towards the water play area. Thankful for NTUC at Level 1 so I just bought a cheap towel to clean her up.

With her favourite human *rolls eyes*


Updates at 13 months, here we gooooo~

I'm not sure if it's just me or Mini really went thru a 180 degree change right after she turn one. The first and very obvious change is that she evolved from this helpless baby to a............

i) Rebel T_T

I joke around with my mummy friends that maybe God is giving me a sneak pic of the Terrible Two. I've no idea how that's like but gosh it sure feels like I'm going thru it right now.

The more you say DON'T do it, the more she will do it.... sometimes with an evil grin.

The shaking of my finger/head and my annoyingly loud NO NO NOOOO don't scare her anymore. In fact, she will repeat them after me.

*face palm*

That grumpy I-don't-want-to-do-what-you-want-me-to-do face.

ii) The Social butterfly

This one unlike her parents lol. It's so cute seeing her approaching others whenever we bring her out to play. Oh yes, this only applies to kids. Adults, including her grandparents, are a big no-no.

Oh and babies especially.. both real and fake ones!

Trying to feed the doll some Yakult using the straw.

iii) Singing game

She loves this game! Basically I'll tell her I'm going to sing a song and start singing any random songs, she will then shake her head or say no till which means I have to sing another song. Basically I just have to keep singing till she's happy with my song selection luls.

v) Use a spoon

She loves it, Mama not so. Think : BIG MESS

vi) Walk backwards

I've no idea where she learned this from but from the moment she learned she can walk backwards, she just keep doing it over and over again, which she finds so amusing.


xoxo, N

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