Mini's Milestones - 13 Months

Thursday, November 1, 2018

It hit me recently that I really don't remember much about Mini's milestones until a new-Mummy friend of mine asked about Mini's milestone at a certain month. I literally had to ask her to wait while I scroll through my blog posts before answering her question. lolz.

Now that Mini is one, I really don't know how long I will be doing this monthly update. I mean, I don't even take as many pictures of her as I did before! But it's super nice reading back my past entries and remind myself just how much and extremely fast my little baby has grown. Soooo I'll probably do this until Mini #2 comes heheheh.

Some fav pics from past month.

Getting her used to wearing the mini telekung before our trip in 25 day's time! So cuteeeeee.

The day we brought her to Vivo and she got extremely excited when she saw this. &we had no choice but to buy that very expensive towel from Mothercare to clean Mini up with.

Showing a super sad face while refusing to let go of this unicorn and of cos Danna just have to give in and buy it for her despite my strong disapproval. Weak I say. Weak! 

My two sweethearts. Kiss fight play repeat.

At her fav corner during her class. 

Ok past month update!

i) "Mama"

Yeay finally! If you recall from my updates some time back, Dada was her first word. *roll eyes* But now Mama is her favourite word (and person), and tete* (also her fav thing in the world) comes in second :p

ii) Getting down from the bed on her own
Mini gave me a few heart attacks in the past when she fell off our bed which is pretty high since it's a storage bed. So one day we demonstrate her how to get down slowly and safely, and much to our surprise we only have to show her once and she can do it on her own. So yay no need to worry about her falling off the bed anymore!

iii) Say Amin
She probably pick this up from her friends next door, who will always baca doa aloud before they eat. So every time we put her in her high chair, she will automatically put out her hands and say AH AHHHH. Which means Amen in English :p

iv) Makan Monster
Danna has always been the more chill parent who is okay with feeding the kid with anything. I, on the other hand, am the total opposite. But now that my baby has turned one and she's not really a baby, I'm slowly letting her have a taste of what we eat and order kids' meal for her when we dine outside.

Her first time eating what's on our plate. Fries, but with no salt of course.

v) "What does the monster say.... ?"

Other animal sounds she can say out loud now are cats, dogs, cow and her favourite- lion.

vi) Jealous!

So I guess Mini #2 won't be here any time soon, eh? :p

xoxo, N

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