Mini's Milestones - 12 Months

Friday, October 12, 2018

This is sucha late update cos Mini just turned thirteen months yesterday :x

One year of wearing the same romper on every 11th woohoo! The size is actually meant for newborns to 3 months old but looks it goes wayyy beyond that for my Mini :p

What went down the month before she turns one:
i)  MyGym Classes
I got interested to send Mini for gym classes after seeing a friend on IG posting stories of her daughter in it. When I looked up at their website, just nice there was a promotion for National Day for two trial classes at a discounted price so I signed up for the Tiny Tykes class right away.

I was pretty excited tbh cos I know Mini loves being around kids her age. Every time we bring her to the playground, she will be running after the other kids and starts talking to them in her baby language. However, I can't say the same when she's around adults. No idea what is it about them that terrifies the crap out of her!! She won't even let my parents be near her -_-

Her class was for babies aged between seven to eleven months. Mini was the only one who can walk.&so she was all around the place touching everything she sees. As expected, she had a great time and she loves the gym.  Also as expected, she hates the teachers there lol. Of cos it's not them, in fact they're really friendly!

The moment she realised a stranger is singing one of her favourite song but she doesn't know how to react hahaha

ii) First Haircut
We were walking around the mall one night when suddenly Danna suggested having her hair trimmed. Impromptu decision which we both regretted 20 mins later lol

Pakcik was going "good boy, good boy" as he cuts Mini's hair LOL

Look at that senget fringe! Eh you boy or girl ni!?

iii) First visit to the Library
Mini is obviously a bookworm, she chooses to bury her face in her books than watching the tv at home. So I brought her to the library one weekend when Danna was at work and she absolutely loves it! Kept picking a random book off the shelve and pass it to me after we were done with a book.

One of those extremely rare times when we went out just the two of us. Looking forward to more library dates with this girl but with Danna please! Sis still tak confident bringing her out on my own :p

iv) Ready, Set.... RUN!

Now that Mini has discovered that her legs are meant for walking, she's not about to slow down. She has now learned with much delight that the faster she walks, the crazier her parents get! Esp when in public. So yup, this girl of mine is already running before she turned one! Which brings us to the next point...

v) Play Catching!
Her favourite pastime includes running towards her Mama going AH AH and then running away from here quickly before turning her head to make sure her poor forever tired Mama is running after her.

Most of the time when she's not looking I'll go hide inside my room and wait for her to look for me with her cheesy grin hehehe


My baby turning a year old also marks the 12th month of my breastfeeding journey! I remember clearly how painful it was when the lactation consultant helped me express my milk after I gave birth and how I doubted my extremely low pain threshold self and thinking if I should just give up. Not forgetting the mastitis I had during my pantang period, and the massage I had which was a crazier nightmare as compared to my labour.

All pain aside, of cos there are other positive moments of bf-ing, like how she looks at me like omg I swear all the tiredness I have from work just melt away and my life instantly feels perfect~  Not sure when will it all come to an end but one thing I'm sure of, I'm going to miss it so much once it's over. 

I've so many things to say about being a mom but I guess I'll keep it to myself for now.

Happy one year of being a Mom to me! To many more happy years of being a Supermummy and many more.... babies? teehee:D

xoxo, N

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