Mini's Play: Aquarius Cove

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Ever since my first (and huru hara) play date with Liza and her cutie Alisha some months back, I've been looking forward for Mini to start walking so that we can enjoy playing out together. After seeing how much she (and her mama lol) enjoyed the indoor playground at Changi Airport (blogged here)  and espesh now that she's running all around the place, it's time to plan another play date!

This time round we decided on........

29 Carpenter Street, Level 5, Singapore 059923

I love how super convenient this place is! It's directly opposite Clarke Quay MRT Exit E & Clarke Quay Central. Yoga Movement, where I used to do religiously practise my yoga during my before-Mini-exists-days, is just opposite. That reminds me that I need to get back to the mat reallllly soon.

Anyhoots once you locate the building, you got to enter a restaurant (can't remember the name!) to get to the lift. Once you've reached level five, you will see this.

The entrance fee...

Yup free play for Mini! We went on a Sunday so it was two hours of play time for us.

The place is divided into two parts...

The ocean-themed play area...

.. and the party area.

If you're planning to come here do be sure to check their website in advance to see if there's any party on that day cos if there is one, the playground will be closed

Of cos it didn't take Mini long to get herself comfortable.

Into the ball pit we go!

Ahh these two. One minute I see them poking each other's faces and grabbing each other's hair...

Then the next thing I see is this. Cho sweeeeet.

Up and awayyyy

Mini got super cranky which means  =  Milk time.

Another plus point for this playground. So comfy!

Fun fact: My father and Alisha's grandmother are cousins. Which makes me and Alisha's dad second cousins. & these girls are... third cousins?

Happy baby is a happy Mummy! We love this place so much, I'm sure we will come back for more :D

& yup, someone's turning one very very soon! 
More on her birthday celebrations in the next post.

xoxo, N

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