Mini's Update - 11 Months

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

One more month before the big ONE.

i) Walking without support!!!

Hands down the biggest milestone for the past month. Mini has been cruising around the sofa and coffee table since she was ten months old. A week after she turned eleven months, this happened:


ii) Starting to understand adult talk

Talking to Mini is a lot more fun now that she's starting to respond to the things I want her to do. Like pushing the door every time I say "close the door" or putting her toys inside the box when I say "keep!"

Some of the thing I enjoy getting her to do a thousand times a day:

Cover your face!

Especially when she's latching on me. Super cute!

Fall down!

Tiger says what?

How do you comb your hair?

iii) Sing-along

Once I placed Mini on the bed with her favourite Dave and Ava videos playing on tv while I was busy doing other things when I heard her singing some words from the song .Of cos this girl refused to do it in front of the camera, but since then I've heard her sing along to simple words like "Booo", "Yay","Yum" etc

Guess the song:p

iv) Bookworm Baby

Mini's absolute favourite book is the Brown Bear What Do You See. Her face lights up every time I randomly say one sentence from the book.Singing the words instead of reading them is another way to put a wide smile on her face instantly. 

Her second favourite is "Where's Spot'. She has probably heard it a thousand times and she'd shake her head each time we see the word no. Sooooo cute :p

v) 6 teeth

Just a throwback picture of her with only two bottom teeth. Now she has additional four upper ones.

vi) Extremely clingy

Gone were the days where I can just hand a remote control to Mini and she can play for years. This whole clingy thingy, seriously I have a love hate relationship dealing with it. Love it that she's more attached to me now as compared to her daddy, hate it when she can't leave my sight for even a minute. I mean just look at this???


Still, love you no less babygirl. Counting down to your first birthday party! Obviously I'm more excited than her :p

xoxo, N

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