Mini's Update - 10 Months

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Monthly updates from now on is a two digit number. :')

I gotta admit, there are times when I look back at pictures of Mini and found myself having a hard time remembering what she was like as a baby. Perhaps it's due to the lack of sleep or juggling the love-hate relationship I have with motherhood, but somewhere along the line the time went by too quickly...

She used to hate tummy time when she was younger and now all wants to do is stand up all the time...

Can pose for camera already.

Once I left her alone in the living room while I clean up the kitchen. Got a mini heart attack when I came back and couldn't find her anywhere. Walked back to the kitchen and saw this -_-

It's been many months since we last put her in her baby rocker. Back then she can stay in there for hours staring at that thingy above her head. Oh if only I knew how simple it was back then....



So anyway, here's her monthly update for the past month:

i) Wet kisses spammer

I am so loving this! & so does Mini. It started when I kissed Danna infront of her in my attempt to make her jealous lol and she immediately leaned towards her dad (ugh pfft) and gave him big fat wet kiss.

& now she does it every time we ask for one. Sometimes I pick up her dolls and ask her to give them a kiss and she did so willingly hehe

ii) More teeth

Three in total!

Breastfeeding is longer the same as it used to be :')

iii) Separation Anxiety

So this started the day she turned nine months old. My once social butterfly baby suddenly got so clingy and refused to play by her own, which was really hard for me especially on weekends when Danna is away the whole day. It was even harder for us during Hari Raya cos she gets hysterical when we were out of her sight or worst when someone tries to carry her

I looked up online on ways to handle this situation and one of the site suggests arranging childcare with people familiar to your baby so I thought maybe my family members could help. Danna and I have plans on being away from Singapore for almost two weeks at the end of the year without Mini so we thought we should start practising now...

This was three hours after we left her at my mom's place. Poor Mini melalak for two hours eh! Lagi kesian my mom sampai trauma hahaha so we have no choice but to bring her along for our trip this November.

Anyway here's one thing we realised. Mini may hate adults' company, but she sure does love being around her peers! She gets back her social butterfly wings every time she sees someone she speak baby language with.

With her buddy Alisha.

This was during Hari Raya when Hariz was back in Sg for a few weeks. I love it when these girls meet up! Huru hara tonggang terbalik satu rumah.

Kiss spammer spotted!

iv) Crazy Cat Baby

Other than her peers, her mood also lift up when she sees cats. This gurl has absolute no chill when it comes to touching one lol

v) No no no no no no
Mini was five month old when she started shaking her head every time we say the word No. Well back then it was super cute cos she doesn't have a clue what it means. (Watch video HERE) Now, not only can she say the word, she also means it!


Other than the fact that Mini had her first fall off bed (and + 2 more....) last month, all is good! I just signed Mini up for gym classes, can't wait for that to start!

My two favourite people in this whole wide worldddddd 

xoxo, N

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