Ramadhan 2018

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I honestly thought I would have more me-time over the holidays to update this space here but evidently from my lack of updates, I was so wrong. No more me-time now with a baby in tow (spesh an active one!)

Admittedly, I've also been super lazy and unproductive for the past four weeks at home. Lucky me Ramadhan falls on the last week of the school term so I can stay at home most of the time. I've been doing nothing but catching up on Netflix series (13RW Season 2 Y U SO DISAPPOINTING) and spending 80% of my time on bed everyday with the Mini like this.

Ahhh miss that girl already. Can't wait to go back home and romos her!

Anyhoots, Ramadhan is over now. (sobs!!) A very special one cos it's the first year Danna and I are celebrating it with our firstborn. Never mind the fact that I was dead on my feet every single day, starting my day very early and having very little hours of sleep. I really wonder how SAHM do it, cus staying at home was not a healthy choice for me.

A few highlights over the holy month for memory's sake.

Finally get to meet up with my poly girls over at Noriz's house. Been too long since we last get together, just like the good old times. Just realised we have been friends for a decade already!

My BFFs came over to my place for iftar and of course all attention goes to these three cuties. While the guys were busy playing their Fifa, we ladies get to spend our time talking about anything and everything inside Mini's room. Definitely missing our oppa Hariz who's in Abu Dhabi. Can't wait for our Raya reunion!!

Just like last year, our jalan-jalan cari makanan bazaar experience is not complete without a trip to KL. It was Mini's third time on a plane and I'm glad she's so much easier to handle now. Next trip we go somewhere far kay!

xoxo, N

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