Mini's Update - 8 Months

Thursday, May 17, 2018

A rather relaxing month for both Mama and Mini! Baby eats, drinks and sleep well, and that makes me one happy Mama.

The day she went MIA and we found her in the toilet. That step innocent face - I KENNUT!!

Usual monthly update :D

For Mini

i) First tooth
She had fever for four days that got me and danna so worried sick. I have to admit, I was more concerned about the short getaway we were about to have that week #badmom. Two days before the trip Danna brought her to the GP and he pointed out her tooth! Funny it's not her front teeth that erupted first, it was the one next to it.

Soon no more gummy baby? :(

ii)Wanting to stand allll the time
Looks like someone is finally sick of being on her tummy/sitting all the time. I used to put her at her cot and let her play but now it seems like I can't do so anymore cos THIS happens.

Yup, she's standing up there gais.

iii)Sit and Stand!
This one, she can happily do it again and again. Whenever I say stand, she'd grab on my hands and push herself up. And sit when I tell her to do so. Repeat 3984738947 times before bed and she'll be KO in no time haha! Maybe next time f I get to catch her on camera, I'll update this space with it.

iv) Daddy's girl
These days she only wants her daddy and her daddy only. Just look at how she reacts when I came over to pick her up..

versus when her father picks her up.

Issit you forget who carried you for nine months baby girl?

v)Zara and Friends
So this month she met a few of her friends and it's really interesting to watch how she "play" with them. Someone is bound to cry out loud and it's usually not mini, cos that girl is one big bully I tell you!

The two Zara.


With the birthday girl Alisha Khayla. Both babies look so grumpy for what? lol

Precious two. Look how tiny they were when they met for the first time..

Andddd that's all for this month's update!

xoxo, N