Mini's Update: 6 Months

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mini is now.....

This post is two weeks late but I still want to write everything down for memories’ sake cos seriously these kiddos grow up so fast and my memory is becoming from bad during pregnancy, to worst now that I’m a parent! So it’s really nice (and emotional!!!) to read back Mini’s monthly milestone updates which maybe I can refer to and compare with her milestones with her future siblings :p

What’s new for the past one month…

For Mini

i) First time at the swimming pool
We stayed over at KSL during the CNY holidays and I was excited to get mini into the pool! Even bought a cute unicorn swimsuit the day before at Paradigm Mall.

The calm before the storm. Mini was not at all excited to be in the pool, in fact she was crying almost throughout! Guess where she got that from? Clue: Not Daddy.

ii)Eating more solids

Mini has been eating Baby Bites biscuits for the past one month and a half so this month, we introduced cereals, apples, carrots and some veggies. So far she's not fussy and finishes up everything on the bowl. Hope it stays like this all the way and not turn into a fussy eater like her mama.

iii) Saying Noooooooo
This one came as a suprise cos I’ve never taught her this! I was at my parents’ house when my babysis sings her favourite song (five little monkeys jumping on the beddddd~) and when it comes to the part when she says no, mini started shaking her head NON STOP. Isit you watch too much tv my baby?

iv) Standing up and started walking

 I'm pretty excited to see her walk, but this means one word : NEEDTOBABYPROOFTHEWHOLEHOUSEALREADY

v) Refuses milk bottle
A week before the March holidays, Mini totally rejects drinking from the bottle and wants to latch 24/7. One day I left her at my neighbour's house and I could her her screams from my master bedroom! So obviously someone got a good scolding from her tiger mom when she got home later that day.


Of cos I just have to mute my mak nenek voice.

vi) Playmat
Finally got her a playing mat and opened up all her toys she got as presents since she was just four month old.....inside me hahaha.

Enough to entertain her for at least...15 mins lol. Any longer than that would result in.......

Click more to view my favourite pictures of Mini for the month!

Left, right or both?

eeee y u so cuteee

Wishing that she could go to sleep so that I can do my work. But when she's asleep I'm wishing she'd wake up cos I miss her like crazy. #confusedmum

With her aunty Ayra Safiyah.

Y so seriousssssss

Her numero uno here. Love these two babies of mine :D

I posted this pic on my IG Story and created a poll asking who does she look more like - Mummy or Daddy. The answer is obvious teehee. What do you think?


For Mama

Mini is so much easy to be with now that I can understand what her different cries mean. I can never get rid of the guilt when I think back at those times I say nasty things at her when I was mad pissed at her cryings urgh. If I could turn back time, I would go back to the first day I met you ....

& love you a whole lot more :'(

Another six more months before you hit your first birthday my precious baby girl..

xoxo, N

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