Mini's Update - 4 Months

Thursday, January 11, 2018

My mini is four months old today! Time for her monthly update!

For mini

i) Discovers her fat little fingers
 Zara has now discovered the amazing things her fingers can do, and her favourite thing to do with them is putting them all into her mouth all time all dat. Her second favourite thing to do with her fingers is to grab and pull my hair soooo hard tsk -___-

But for me, my absolute favourite is when she grabs my hand every time she latches.

My heart melts all the time.

ii) Teether Toys
& becos she’s sucking her fingers so much, we got her a few teethers. So far she’s loving it!

 iii)Roll over
 With a bit of help, Zara can now roll over! Actually this is nothing new cos there was twice when I left her on the sofa and went to the toilet. When I came back, she was crying and has rolled over already! She was barely two months at that time!!

The first time it happened my mom refused to believe me. I mean, one months plus can roll meh!? So the second time it happened, I quickly grab my phone and snap this.

Take picture first, help crying baby later. #prioritiesfail hehe

 iv)TV- Time
 This is something I was very reluctant to do! But since I am alone at home most of the time, I need her to not need me for at least 30 mins so that I can do whatever I need to do. (which is mostly housework, even though the thing I need most is SLEEP for two days straight)

v) Playdate
 Zara has many friends now so it’s time to bring her out to play with them! (for now, play means staring at each other and blabber non stop lol)

Met up with my BFFs last week and our mini-s for a  playdate at Vivo. One word to describe the experience: HURU HARA. 

But at the same time, it’s so heart-warming to see how much we have all grown up. From late night lepak sessions to travelling together and now we’re hanging out in nursing rooms with our crying babies.

Can I say #friendshipgoals ? :p

Our most recent picture together.

& this is our FIRST picture together, way back in ’04 where it all started.


Don't worry Zara, mama will never let you go out looking like that T_T

We had another playdate a few days later, this time with Liza and her cutie pie Alisha Khayla.

Looking forward to many more!

For mama

i) Hair loss I am still struggling to make peace with my new body (stretch marks and unprecedented weight gain urgh!!) and now I have to deal with another problem – yes, you guess it right, hair loss!! I heard about it before from my mummy friends but never expected it to be SO BAD.

Not my picture of cos, but the amount of hair loss after every single time I comb my hair is just the same. Sometimes I just have to run my fingers through my hair and the hair come falling down omg sedih gile! Danna bought me the WOWO shampoo after reading about it online. So far used it for a week but no difference yet. Shall wait and see for any improvement, hopefully it will help T_T

ii) Back to Work 
My life as a SAHM for 16 weeks is finally over. Even though I enjoy the time spent at home with Zara, I was really looking forward to start work. To me, any time away from my baby is a good time for ME-time. I appreciate my meal times so much more when I’m at work because I know I don’t get to slowly enjoy my meals with my mini around at home.

Anyway if you’re wondering who is taking care of her when I’m not around, it’s actually my next door neighbour. (she’s an experienced and certified babysitter) I must say Danna and I are super lucky to have such kind-hearted people like them who have been taking care of  Zara since my pantang days.

She even cooks for me sometime sigh what did I do to deserve such kindness towards me. Super thankful for them!

Anyhoots, Zara doesn’t have a fixed sleeping schedule yet and some days she goes to sleep only at midnight. I can’t imagine functioning at work with so little sleep, I get cranky just at the thoughtt of it! But one week before work resumes, I found out a magic trick to let her sleep right away at any time of the day.

And that is…………………………….

iii)Co-sleep with mini 
 Hehe well actually the real trick is to side latch her and she magically sleeps within ten minutes. The only problem with this is that I can’t hug the danna to sleep because there’s one tiny human between us now. #clingywifeproblem

iv)Mother Cow
 I tried this famous lactation brownies from IG for three months but my experience with them was bad literally every single time so I gave up. Weirdly enough, my supply increased tremendously after that! The first time I got 300ml from pumping I was so in disbelief I took a picture of it and sent it to danna, my mom, aunt and BFFs lol. Actually I was thinking of giving formula milk cos truth be told I’m soooooo lazy to pump la! But after seeing a video of my aunt’s milk stash I got soooo jealous motivated and pumped right away. 

v)Obsessed Mama

It has been chaotic for the past month getting Zara to adjust to different environment (like being away from her fav human aka ME for a long period of time.) and going back to work. But despite it all, I’m finally experiencing the most magical feeling in the world…

I’m starting to love this crazy little journey called motherhood.

And I say it's crazy cos I can just spend hours lying next to her and stare at her sleep & kiss her on the lips 82738 times.

I know I’ve said this plenty of times but the start of it wasn’t easy at all for me. It’s still not all easy peasy now, but at least I love it.

 & I love my mini.

xoxo, N

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