Bangkok with a Baby

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I am a big lover of adventures and travelling is one of the things I had wished to do with the danna after we got married. Right after we got back from NZ, I was already geared up for our next adventure together.

Little did we expect, one year later our adventure includes an infant tagged along with us.

One thing’s for sure, it sure kicked our definition of adventure up a notch.

We had a hard time deciding on our holiday destination now that we have to skip all the mountain climbing, star gazing and all those things that we really love to do. One day (on my wedding anni!) I received an email from the danna – A confirmation email for a flight booking to…….

 B A N G K O K

Honestly I was scared, ok? I mean BKK? Do they even have nursing rooms in their malls? How do I feed my baby in the public? What if baby surprised us with a poonami? At Chatuchak?!

Oh the nightmareeee.

But hey, we made it to BKK and back to SG without anyone getting hurt or lost, so it’s all good :p

The Flight Experience
This is no doubt, my biggest concern. I admit I’m one of those people who would pray so hard not to be seated anywhere near a baby/toddler in the plane cos, well you know why. But now that I’m travelling with one, I pray so hard my mini keeps quiet throughout the flight.

Which of cos she didn’t.

I got her to latch on me inside the flight to BKK, but minutes before take-off she just stopped and stared right back at her mother who was already experiencing heart palpitations. Danna was even worst, his hands were sweating by then LOL

She didn't cry during the take off. Except for the time I changed her diapers, she was pretty much well behaved. Couldn’t say the same for the flight back to Singapore. I kept telling Danna NO MORE HOLIDAYS I never ever want to experience such intense level of pressure ever again!!!!! #stressdieme

Our first choice is Amari Watergate obviously because of its location and convenience. We ended up booking Arcadia Suites Bangkok cos for a four night stay at Amari is too ex!

Me love spacious rooms!! Espesh the washer+dryer in it.

Moody Mini
One thing we learned from this trip is that everything we do/want to do depends heavily on mini’s mood. On our second day there,  mini suddenly act up when I was alone with her waiting for Danna to settle his tailored outfits. So instead of heading to the night market like we badly wanted to, we got into a cab and went back to our hotel. Little did we know that was going to be the cab ride both Danna and I will never forget!

Mini was crying bloody murder as soon as we got into the cab. I swear my heart just wanna explode there and then when she refuse to latch. Traffic in BKK is horrendous and we were stuck at the same place for what seems like an hour long! Danna and I kept going ding-dong to each other on whether we should get down or not after seeing how the driver is getting super restless from his constant (and loud!) sighs. Sis stress okay! We eventually alight out of nowhere and walked back to our hotel with our bags of shopping haul. & mini immediately stop crying once we start walking. gees thanks kiddo.

Same thing happened the next day at around the same time. Thankfully we were in our hotel room and we ended up ordering from Food Panda. sobs!

Some pics to share.

I know I told everyone I'm not going to travel overseas with mini till she's like three years old (cos I thought I'll never recover from the trauma), but guess who's counting down to her next vacay already?:p

#takserikserik #goodlucktome #mayormaynotregretthis

xoxo, N

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