Mini's Update - 3 Months

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


I've been thinking of documenting her monthly milestones here but the first two months of her life were the busiest time for me so I really cant focus on anything else but my baby & my baby alone.

Also not to mention I was feeling at my worst and I really don't feel like talking about how shitty motherhood has been for me. But I'm happy to say that the dark clouds over my head have passed and gone are those gloomy days! I’m much happier now and I mean it when I say I love being a mom.

So what’s up for baby and mama lately?

For baby

i) Loves company 
This one, she definitely did'nt get if from her anti-social mother. Or her dad lol. She could start seeing by 2 month old and now she absolutely love it when she sees people in front of her, especially when they start to talk to her and then she'll start blabbering back. She even "talk' to her own reflection, too cute! 

I wonder if she knows that it's her she's seeing in the mirror lol

ii) Standing up
Sofia started lifting her head when she was a month + old and few days after she turned two, we realised she has really strong legs so we started to carry and let her stand up as much as possible. Regret it now cos we realised she loved it so much she would cry when we put her down -.-

iii) Sleep regression
Imagine 12 hrs of no naps in between for a 13 week baby. How is that even possible that she’s not sleepy at all, I really got no clue. Mak dia yang 24/7 sleepy.

iv) Drool baby
Ain’t complaining about this one cos I've been waiting to put on all her cutesy bibs!

v) Travel!
We brought her to JB as soon as she got her passport and two weeks later, she had her first flight experience. Not sure how she felt about it, but it sure was the most stressful and longest (or so it seems to me.....)  one Danna and I have ever experienced. More on the trip on next post!

For mama

i) Going out with baby
This is something I am still learning (and very much afraid) to do! So far , the number of times I've been out with her and just me is a grand total of...two. lol

Not only was this  the first time I brought her out on my own, it was also my first time putting on the Tula. Look at that humongous bag I have with me with 1001 things in it! The second time I was a little bit more daring, went out with a stroller with no diaper bag.

Both times I was just out to the nearest mall, which is less than ten mins away. :p

ii) Supermom ME
I've been taking care of baby (and myself) most of the time on my own since my pantang days and I must say it was kind of overwhelming at  first. Motherhood has changed my life in so many different ways, but most of all, it has changed me. Some part ugly but a better person, definitely. Like how I discovered I actually can love a baby (my close friends know how much I don't like being around babies....) and I actually DO have patience in me! Oh and also I've gotten better at multitasking. Once, I have baby on one hand while cooking my lunch and at the same time, talking on the phone. 

Two more weeks and supermom's gonna go to the next level. Time to go back to work yooo!

xoxo, N

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