Zara Sofia's Cukur Rambut

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The first thing people notice about Sofia is how thick her hair is. & I've always loved it that way!

So when danna said he wanna shave off her entire hair,  of cos I was a teenie bit hesitant! So sad to think we're cutting her locks that grew inside of me. Plus, I don't think she looks good botak, lol.

A day after she turned two months old, we had Ustaz Khairi and his wife over at our house to do the cukur rambut as well as taknik. It was a private ceremony attended by only our family members and my dear neighbor who we are so lucky to have, and treats Sofia just like her own grand-daughter.

Happy baby totally clueless what's going to happen next.

Baby just turned three months yesterday and has grown so much! She looks super tiny here!

Ustaz recited the azan in her ears. It was such a beautiful moment and I was holding back his tears all the time :')

My poor baby's like.. Whatchu adults doing to me! T_T


Right after that, we proceed downstairs to the MPH. We kindda learned our lesson from our Hari Raya open house that our house is not as spacious as we would like to think it is, so we decided to have the makan-makan session at the MPH.

Our pretty in purple mini dias. Guess who we engaged to beautify the space?

Chic Wedding!!!

If you've read my wedding entries, this is not the first time you see me mentioning them. Yup, they did the deco for my big fat wedding and I love them sooooooo much that Danna and I didn't even have to think twice about engaging their service once again for our baby's shower.

Anyways I was told they have clients who signed up with them after reading my blog.
Great choice, you guys!

Pengantin basi feeling kejap.

I miss your hair already boo! & yes, I suka pakaikan her pants tinggi-tinggi lol

& now, there's three. To many more precious memories and milestones together baby 

Signing off this post with a before and after picture of my now botak and bulat daughter.

Same pose, different hair hehe. Can't wait for it to grow!!

xoxo, N

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