My Labour Story

Monday, November 6, 2017

So it's been 8 weeks since I gave birth (half of maternity leave gone T_T) and I think it's time to start writing down my labour story before my baby turns 8 years old and my memory fails on me. Even though I doubt I will even forget all about it. Before I start I gotta tell you, this is gna be one long post!

10 September 2017

I've been experiencing minor cramps since the day before and told the danna I think it's already time. He thought that maybe I should wait a while more, subtly reminding me of our many wasted and expen$ive visits to the Delivery Suite before. But I insisted cos even walking seems painful already!

So that morning Danna picked me up from my mom's place and off we went to KKH. I was still in a good mood, all that's in my head is that I'm going to see my baby soon! All smiles and I kept thinking, I'm gonna leave this place without my baby bump! & hopefully like 10kg off me as well.

I saw a couple walking in with their luggage and all I had was that small bag lol

I was brought to the observation room, leaving the danna behind at the waiting area. It was very quiet since I was the only person there. Once the nurse got everything settled, I was left alone so I thought maybe I should get some sleep. Cos you know, gotta treasure all the sleep I could get before baby arrives right. As I was halfway going to lalaland, I heard a faint cry from the cubicle next to me.

Weird, I clearly remember being the only person in the room so I texted danna if he saw anyone entering the observation room. He said no. Shortly after, I heard what seems like a guy crying, which is also weird cos husbands are not allowed to enter the room. I texted the danna again, even send voice notes to my friends cos I was being kaypoh, and scared also lah.

Next thing I know, someone was making a phone call with the loudspeaker on.

"Mak, baby dah tak ade heartbeat..."
Me on my bed:

Oh God.

At that point of time when I was minutes away (or so I keep telling myself lah) from seeing my baby, someone else had hers taken away. My heart just ache so much for that stranger and I went on a cryfest right away. :(

A doctor came in shortly and upon seeing me crying uncontrollably, asked me if I'm in pain. I just pointed to to the wall beside me and she nodded her head. She told me what happened briefly and it made me cry even more. Drama level 10000.

Anyhoots, doctor did the VE on me and confirmed I'm 3cm dilated. Yes!! It's finally happening! I was given a choice to get warded or go home and wait for more pain. Danna and I chose the latter cos I really miss my home after being away at my mom's place for days.

Well mainly cos we wna merayap after that :p

That night, I started having my contractions at ten minutes apart. The pain was still bearable, in fact I was excited each time the pain hits cos I thought - more pain = baby's ready to come out! I was busy texting my bffs giving them a live update and everyone was excited for me too.

At 11 pm, it got more intense and I told danna maybe we should go to the hospital. He, on the other hand, was thinking twice and thought we should wait for my waterbag to burst. I thought, okay maybe I should cos I don't want another wa$ted trip. Not after we paid almost 200$ for my CTG and VE at the delivery suite earlier!

At midnight, more bloody mucus plug came out. STILL fickle minded about going to the hospital.

Danna's bestfriend came over to our place at around 1am and my contractions started to get more frequent. I tried to sleep it off but I couldn't take the pain so we finally decided to head down to KK asap. Contractions were 5 mins apart and each time it hits I can't help but to scream a little in the car. With this level of pain, I bet I'm at least 5cm dilated. I must be!

Took some pictures and videos before walking into the Delivery Suite. Last few pictures of me with my baby bump :')

"Okay mummy, you're 3cm dilated."

I almost wanted to ask the nurse to check again just to double confirm. It has been hours since my last VE (which wasn't as bad as what others have described it to be!) and I'm STILL 3cm? Okay whatever since we can't go back home, (maseh uh nak merayap) I was brought to the delivery room.

And so this when the waiting game begins. I looked at the clock and it was 2am sharp. 

11 September 2017

Doctor did another VE and confirmed I was 3cm dilated. MEH

Another VE done and I've progressed to 4cm. My heart was jumping for joy and made some mental calculations in my head. 1cm an hour, so it will probably take another 6 hours for me to be fully dilated. That means I can finally hold my baby at 9am weeee

Called the nurse cos I need to pee. 

Pee again. Am I just nervous or is the room too cold?

Nurse must be cursing me under her breath. Sorry missy!

Contraction is a 7 on the pain-o-meter. I was so sleepy and cranky & almost gave up. Asked danna if I should take the epidural and he reluctantly said yes, after much pleading and fake crying. When the nurse came with the forms for me to sign, he asked if I want to try the gas instead. I looked at him with my dropped jaws and eyes wide opened. Okay fine you want me to go au naturale I'll take the gas alright...

Nurse came to check my blood pressure, temperature and glucose level. For the 1837th time she asked me if I wanna use the epidural or not cos if I do, I better ask for it now cos it will take a while before the anesthetist comes. So tempted to say YES but pain level was still bearable. I asked her when will the doctor perform another VE on me and she said 8 freaking am. I was exhausted and most of all, hungry!! Danna, on the other hand, was sleeping oh so soundly next to me grrrr

My gynae walked in and I have never been any happier to see her! She was so cheerful and somehow that lifted my mood and determination to press on. Finally the long awaited VE was done and my hopes were high this time round.

"Okay mummy! Fully dilated already can start to push!!"

This is what I wanna hear.

What I actually heard:

"Okay mummy! 5cm already I'm going to burst your waterbag. Tell me if you want epidural now ok cos the pain is going to be more intensed."

Six hours of waiting and I was only dilated by 1cm???

I told myself if it takes me six hours to dilate just one cm, and the pain is already almost hitting the roof, I'm not gonna go thru the rest of the hrs without a painkiller. No way jose!!

This is the moment my friends, was when I said the magic words...


Danna doesn't seem pleased with my request at first. But of cos, it's not him experiencing the pain isn't it. Anyway I told him it's too painful I could die (20% truth, 80% drama) and that's when he gave me the green light, PHEW.

Gynae broke my waterbag. Honestly I don't feel anything at all, in fact I didn't even know she already broke my waterbag until the nurse told me so.

Surprisingly, the anesthetist came in real quick despite what the nurse told me earlier. She started explaining about the process of inserting epidural while I had my eyes closed the entire time she's talking. Why? Cos I've heard horror stories about the big needle and no way am I gonna take a peak at it or else Imma change my mind for sure!!!

Danna had to leave the room during the process, no idea why. I was asked to sit at the edge of the bed and be still at all times, despite the crazy contraction that was hitting me every 5 mins. At one point the contraction got so bad I shouted for the anesthetist to pause whatever she's doing, grabbed the gas mask soooooooo hard the whole tube came out from the machine. LOL

And halfway through the process, I heard the anesthetist saying to the nurse to get another doctor cos there seems to be a problem. Something about me being small built and my bones are too near to one another, can't really remember exactly what she was telling me. At the back of my head I just wanna strangle her cos seriously bruh, do you have to tell me there's a problem in the middle of you giving me the scariest injection of my life?????

Anyway if you know me, I'm a big time scaredy-cat with extremely low pain tolerance. I have to say I didn't expect the process was painless. & that I didn't shed a tear. :p

Finally done administering the happydural. Time to sleep!

6cm dilated!

8cm dilated!

Woke up from my sleep and started to feel pain on my right leg. I got panicked thinking that maybe the epidural has worn off so I called the nurse and finally I get to hear what I've been wanting to hear since the minute I got into the room - "You're fully dilated!"

We practised some pushing with the doctor and the nurse, whom I find SO annoying  She was literally parroting every single thing the doctor said till I totally lost my cool and shouted at her to shut up. My gynae came about 20mins later and I finally get to push for real!

The pushing went on for several rounds. Danna has been really supportive and he was holding my hand and encouraging me to push harder all the time. Also looking at my hoo-haa at the same time at one point I thought to myself I can't believe he has the courage to look at it at that state.

One word to describe the last push : TERBURAI.

Baby was actually quiet when she came out and honestly for a moment I froze for a while, wondering if she's okay, like why isn't she making a sound?!Also for a second my mind just flashbacked to the couple next to me in the observation room the previous day and I was imagining the worst :x

But of cos, we did hear her cries and I swear it was such a relief. Now if you ask me, I'd rather not hear any of her cries, especially those at three in the morning ha ha ha

Baby was placed on my chest immediately and the first thing I noticed is how clean she is. No white-mucus thingy on her. Must be the coconut water I've been drinking regularly during my third trimester :p Anyhoots, I gave my salam to her and I was waiting for THAT moment.

You know how mothers always say the moment you look at your child after you've given birth, all the pain seems worth it?

Yeah THAT moment.

Apparently, it doesn't work on me BOO-HOO. I was staring at my baby's face the entire time and I can literally feel my gynae stitching up my hoo-haa at the same time. T_T

The first picture of my firstborn. Say hello to Zara Sofia!

So there you have it - my first experience giving birth, which wasn't as horrifying as I'd imagined it to be. I am forever thankful to Allah s.w.t. for blessing me and Danna with this precious gift we love so dearly. Our lives have changed so much since her arrival and I can't wait to share about em all here.

xoxo, N

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