Week 37 - 39 : The Final Countdown

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Week 37 - 38
18 August - 31 August

We are starting to see my gynae on a weekly basis now! Baby is healthy and weighs 2.5kg this week, thank God cos I was so worried sick about having a heavy baby due to my gestational diabetes. We settled the pre admission stuff and it didn't take much for me to decide on the package I want. A two nights stay at a A1 room - no way am I gonna share the bathroom and deal with noisy visitors from my neighbours pls. Click here to see a virtual tour of the room.

Nothing exciting happened the following week except for the fact that it's the last week of term 3! My last day of work for this year falls on the last day of the term which happens to be Teachers' Day. The theme for my table was Famous Female Explorers and I decided to dress up as (a heavily pregnant) Amelia Earhart. Didn't take tons of pictures like I always do cos I totally hate my huge, swollen nose.

Oh and baby's 2.8kg this week!
Week 39
1 September - 7 September

My final week of pregnancy. Honestly where did all the time go? It felt like it was only yesterday that I blogged about the time I found out I was pregnant, and now the baby is almost out and my life's gonna change forever?! I'm so gonna miss having baby in my tum tum. Not forgetting the attention and special treatments I've been getting from people around me. :p

One thing's for sure, I'm not gonna miss THIS.

Walking feels like a torture especially when I have back to back classes and I need to rush from one end to the other. Oh and never would I have imagined, my shoes! They're now size 41 guys!! T_T

This week, baby is already at 3kg. I was given hospitalisation leave by my gynae which was pretty redundant since it's the September holidays. Speaking about holidays, this is the last term/semester break that I could afford waking up at 12pm every day, boohoo. No such luxury after baby's out :(

Staycay with danna at Lloyd's Inn on the first day of my hol. Somehow I forget that I was pregnant and need to wake up 23838 times in the middle of the night to use the toilet when I booked a loft room. -_-

I was having real bad cramps like every ten mins but that didn't stop me from walking all the way from the hotel to FEP! Must go all out while I still can, right? 

Someone got his belated birthday pressie from le wife. This one also must let him enjoy while he still can :p

Spent the entire day with my two girls the next day. From tea o'clock at TWG to seafood for dinner afterwards, and lots of stories and gossips to catch up on in between. Ahh time spent with these girls are the best! No pictures of us cos I look super horrible with my swollen face.

Which explains all my sideways poses lol

Slept over at my mom's place for the rest of the days cos mom was worried I might pop at home since I'm always alone most of the time there. Glad I did cos my mucus plug came out at the end of the week and next thing I know, IT'S SHOWTIME!

xoxo, N

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