Week 32 - 34 : Sweetest Hello & Hardest Goodbye

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Some weekly highlights of my third trimester! I've decided to skip my first few weeks cos they're mostly about the pains I'm experiencing and my (wasted) trips to KKH's delivery suite cos the voice at the back of my head keeps telling me I'm giving birth at the littlest pain. Such a noob I am, now that I were to think of it. Cos those 'pains' are nothing compared to the real contractions. NOTHINGGGGGG! T_T

Week 32 
14 July - 20 July 

Remember my aunt I was talking about in this post?

Yup, that's us! She's having my cousin and I'm having her cucu :D

So on the very day I turned 32 weeks, my baby cousin decided to surprise everyone and say hello to the world seven weeks ahead of her EDD. The news got me sooOOOooOoOO nervous cos everyone's telling me - "You're next!" and just hearing that gives me the heebie-jeebie!

Why hello there my darling Ayra Safya!

Also during this week, I had to attend a full day course at KKH, basically learning all about controlling my diet and checking my blood sugar. Cos I had gestational diabetes, remember? There's a dietician who helped plan my diet for me and lots of videos we were asked to watch. I'll probably share more about what I've learned there in a separate post. Oh btw, do you know how freaking expensive this course is? S$500+ !! Okay lah you can deduct a few hundreds from Medisave but still! T_T

Week 33
21 July - 27 July

It's getting harder and harder to walk around no thanks to...

My swollen feet -_-

On the 26th July, I took time off from work because I was experiencing yet another episode of bad cramps. And just like my previous visits, it was yet another false alarm and a total waste of money.
Almost $300 just for half an hour observation! But of course, in my defense, I'm a FTM so how am I supposed to tell the difference between braxton hicks, real contractions and other random cramps, right?

Week 34 
28 July - 3 August

This week was probably the hardest throughout my entire pregnancy period. I'll never forget the date - 2 August 2017. I received a phone call from my brother at two in the morning and deep inside my heart I knew bad news is waiting for me at the other line. I answered, and I heard my brother crying. My heart sank as I was informed that my dearest grandfather had a fall and that the paramedics couldn't detect his heartbeat on the way to the hospital.

My family had to make the hardest decision of our lives - to unplug his life support.

I've never cried so hard in my life as I did that day. My tears kept flowing during the entire ride to the hospital, I wailed when I said my last goodbye to him at the A&E, so much so I almost went out of breath and felt like blacking out. I was the only person who cried throughout the entire burial process. 

It was my first time experiencing the death of someone very close to me so I really had a hard time handling my emotions, even till now more than two months later. I can go on and on talking about how a great man he is and how different my life is now, but as I am typing all this the table is filled with my tears already so I better stop before I flood my entire house....

xoxo, N

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