The First Trimester

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fortunately for me, my first trimester was nothing but easy breezy. Yup I am one of the few lucky mummies who don't have to go through the morning sickness at all. Thank you for making my life so much easier baby! Here are some weekly highlights for my first three months of pregnancy.

Week 5- Week 9

Right after informing Danna about the good news, the next person I texted was my mom's lil sister. I didn't want to tell my family first because I prefer doing that face-to-face, plus I was pretty clueless on what I'm supposed to do next. Since my aunt had just given birth last year and she's also like my second mom to me, that explains why I decided that she should be the first to know about it.

The conversation goes like this.....


19 January 2017 - exactly two months after our wedding. It was an extra special day for us cos we met the gynae and and of cos Blue (the name my bffs and I came up with, also a clear indication of the preferred gender for our firstborn lol). Upon seeing the baby on the screen, I just teared like crazy! It's just surreal to think that I have a human being growing inside me! Not sure if it was too early to blame the pregnancy hormones but I was totally overwhelmed with emotions and I when I looked at danna, it was clear he was trying very hard to keep his cool. 

Too bad we weren't allowed to take any pictures or video inside the room.


Week 7 is hell week cos I was having constant migraine all day round. I met the doctor on a Sunday and went on medical leave the next day. Then I was supposed to be on a two-day course but I only managed to survive day 1! Headed straight to KKH after the course and cried all the way in the cab omg so drama mama. Cried even harder in the A&E cos I was told my temperature was very high. Worst, I was all alone and I just want to go back home. Lysa arrived shortly before the danna and they accompanied me for dinner. Slightly later, Ira arrived to surprise me and just make me feel better. Blessed to have such sweet friends around me!

Week 8-9 turned me into a monster. My hunger pangs start to hit me like crazy every two hours and my tummy's grumbling ALL THE TIME. It's like baby's saying feed me NOW mama! But I'm thankful for my huge appetite, my pregnant aunt couldn't even drink a glass of water without throwing it all out. Oh ya it's also this period of time that I decided to cut my long hair short. New hair new me gitewwww. :p

Week 10- Week 14

Week 10 - met my baby!!!

I turned a year older on my 13th week and the danna bought me an AngelSounds fetal doppler!

I turned obsessed, I tell you. There's not a single day that passed without me listening to the beats coming from the doppler. & each time I do so it's a mixed feel of exciting and reassuring, reminding me of the life I am growing inside of me. Those were the days I tell myself I can't wait to hold this child of mine in my arms, and till now I still can't believe she's already here, safely with me. 

xoxo, N

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