Two Days in Queenstown

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Yay to the final part of our honeymoon - the real one, you know, after all the crazy adventures we had. You might want to read all about them here. Here's the timeline of the places we visited after Fiq left. I'm gonna skip Moeraki cos we didn't do much there and share all about Queenstown.


It was a super long drive from Moeraki to Queenstown and of cos Little Miss Sleepyhead had her eyes shut 99% of the time. We had a few stops for Danna to rest and for me to snap some pretty pictures.

Four hours later, why hello there Queenstown!

The first thing that makes this place stood out from all the places we've been to in NZ is there are people everywhere! Not sure if we enjoyed it cos we've been having that this-world-feels-like-ours-kindda-feeling for the past few days~


Well at least we love food, and there's a variety we can choose from here.

Also, it's so easy to find halal food & I love this one here especially! Not sure if it was because we didn't get to enjoy nice food for the past many days, but the kebabs here sure tasted like it was the best one I've ever had in my whole entire life.

The first activity we tried in Queenstown - Skyride and Luge! The best part about this place it that it's a short walking distance from our one-bedroom studio at Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park .

& of cos, the second best thing is the view!

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Someone actually had the cheeks to ask me why I bother doing something I can experience in Singapore(or in this case, Sentosa to be exact). Errr hello?? Sentosa can see what ah you tell me -_-


On our second day in Queenstown, we're already feeling so rimas with the crowd around us so we decided to look for some places we can just chill and Netflix do what we do best in NZ - sit and stare at its gorgeous view. Trust me you just can't get enough of doing that there...

Thanks to Google we found a place called Glenorchy, just 45mins drive away from Queenstown. Cited from the official website : "Glenorchy is nestled on the northern shores of Lake Wakatipu & is the gateway to hiking trails and Middle‑earth magic."

We're here for the sunset and see if we're lucky enough to spot the stars but we left earlier as I was having this weird craving for the kebab, again. Funny, cos we just had one earlier that day yet it felt like I haven't tried it for years. It was so strong I almost cried just saying how much I need it. So too bad so sad, my poor Danna had to cancel his stargazing plans and layankan his wife's mood swings.

Unbeknownst to us, that was the first out of the many crazy cravings episodes waiting ahead of us...

xoxo, N

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