Adventures in Mt Cook

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Day 8 on the itinerary: We bid goodbye to Lake Tekapo and move up to Mount Cook.

Last few shots with this magnificent view. Honestly, we were really reluctant to leave this place...

I mean how can we not, just look at this?!?! Who wouldn't want to wake up to this view?

woohoo noob me taking pictures of these professional photographers :p

Off to Mount Cook we go! As always the view around us makes the long journey more worthwhile.

Of cos who can resist NOT taking a picture (or two, or maybe like fifty? haha) with a view like this!

We were supposed to stay for a night inside our campervan at the Glentanner Park Centre but decided to top up some cash and upgrade to a cabin stay once we arrived More info about the room here

No regrets cus this is the view we get right at our doorstep. LAVVVVVV IT.

Once we've checked in, we wasted no time and get ready for our photo shoot right behind our cabin. I'm so excited about this one cos the concept is something fun so there's  no need to control jambu and make lovey dovey poses like the previous one in Tekapo cos that was just too awkward for us lol

You know what it is... hehe. 

We were soooo comot by the end of the shoot not only from the coloured powder(in case you're wondering, we got it from Mustapha Centre), but also from rolling all over the ground trying to get a perfect shot from the top view. We ended up dirtying the curtains, washroom, and floors of the cabin and little did we know we had to pay for it. -_- 

Sadly, the weather was gloomy on our second day in Mount Cook. We checked out and headed to The Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre for breakfast while praying hard that the rain would stop. We had plans of exploring the Aoraki Mt Cook National Park and do some mountain walks, but too bad the rain didn't subside after hours of waiting. We decided not to waste any more time waiting so we got in the camper van and drove around aimlessly until we found the Tasman Lake!

It was drizzling throughout the entire hike, making the walk harder than it already is, but the view from the peak made every single step worth it! Really so thankful to have a photographer around us for this trip. Nak yoga pose ke nak back shot ke got people layankan hehe

Nak running towards the camera shot..

..and jump shot also can! Thanks Fiq, you da best!

My favourite part of Mt Cook - getting to see em floating icebergs! It was a short walk from where we were at previously and I must say I'm amazed by the fact that we didn't see a single human being while on the way to the lake. It's like we had the whole entire place for ourselves! 

Us being the usual adventurous us, seeing the chunks of icebergs from the top isn't enough, so we actually went down to the lake. It was freezing cold and everyone's wishing they had a cup of hot drink while admiring yet another marvel of nature. 


We dipped our fingers in the waters for like less than five seconds and they turned numb instantly! We had a few minutes of silence just staring at the view; feeling immensely blessed to be witnessing all this. Definitely something I will never ever forget 

Goodbye Mount Cook, thank you for the memories! If there's any reason for us to return to NZ, it gotta be you and your mountain tracks we wished we had the chance to explore...

Later that day, we decided to ditch our plans and stay in Wanaka and head back to Lake Tekapo for a night stay, which is also Fiq's last night in NZ. Headed back to Lake Tekapo Motels and Holiday Park, but instead of glamping like we did before, we chose to sleep inside the campervan.

The guys whipped up a scrumptious meal for dinner and just before we called it a day, we had a little photoshoot together with our campervan.....

& with that, I'm left to share about the third part of my kiwimoon - the REAL honeymoon :)

xoxo, N

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