South Island, NZ - In A Nutshell

Thursday, August 31, 2017

I realised I don't have many pictures for the rest of my honeymoon trip so I've decided not to blog about the rest of my days in NZ and this shall be the last entry for my honeymoon series! Hope you guys have enjoyed reading all about it as much as I do writing about them. (You can find all my NZ entries here.) I was telling my colleagues how much I miss NZ last night and I'm thankful I have this blog to come back to, to read back about my adventures and sorta relive all the precious moments. 

Oh & of cos, not forgetting this video! I think I did a good job in putting them all together. :p 

Gonna blog about something I've been waiting for months to share here. Nine months to be exact.

xoxo, N

Two Days in Queenstown

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Yay to the final part of our honeymoon - the real one, you know, after all the crazy adventures we had. You might want to read all about them here. Here's the timeline of the places we visited after Fiq left. I'm gonna skip Moeraki cos we didn't do much there and share all about Queenstown.


It was a super long drive from Moeraki to Queenstown and of cos Little Miss Sleepyhead had her eyes shut 99% of the time. We had a few stops for Danna to rest and for me to snap some pretty pictures.

Four hours later, why hello there Queenstown!

The first thing that makes this place stood out from all the places we've been to in NZ is there are people everywhere! Not sure if we enjoyed it cos we've been having that this-world-feels-like-ours-kindda-feeling for the past few days~


Adventures in Mt Cook

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Day 8 on the itinerary: We bid goodbye to Lake Tekapo and move up to Mount Cook.

Last few shots with this magnificent view. Honestly, we were really reluctant to leave this place...

I mean how can we not, just look at this?!?! Who wouldn't want to wake up to this view?

woohoo noob me taking pictures of these professional photographers :p

Off to Mount Cook we go! As always the view around us makes the long journey more worthwhile.

Of cos who can resist NOT taking a picture (or two, or maybe like fifty? haha) with a view like this!