My $22K Home Reno Journey

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Yes, I'm aware, this entry is way overdue!! I've received emails from some of my readers asking me about my reno ID and how much I've spent on it and I know I've promised this post a long time ago.

I hope the title of this post has grabbed your attention and I shall try to share as much reno detail as possible with hopes that you future homeowners reading this will find it useful. :D

Let's start by sharing my floor plan, to give you a better understanding of my 5-room house layout.

This is what/where I want to put my stuff around. I showed this layout to all the IDs I met to give them an idea of what Danna and I really want. Something simple, spacious and nothing too fancy.
You can find pictures of my house tour I blogged about last year. Click HERE! 

Here's a breakdown of what I did and its $$$!


1.HDB Permit
2.To lay corrugated paper for floor protection for whole house
3.Provide labour & material to do general cleaning for whole house
4.Provide labour & material to clear debris / supply sand / upload material / haulage
5.Perspective 3D drawing and layout plan (2 pcs)

Our 3D drawing is free of charge and we're pretty surprised to find out from some of our friends that they have to pay hundreds for theirs. That's just.....not right? Here's what my ID came out with after we've decided on the colours we want for our walls, kitchen cabinet and bedroom wardrobe. We're so pleased with the 3D designs cus they turn out exactly the same as the final outcome.

Cost: $400


1. Supply labour to hack off L- shaped half height kitchen wall approximately 10ft

One of the best decision ever! & if you noticed from my house tour entry, we actually painted the walls and added some simple designs on it. All thanks to Danna for doing everything himself 

Cost: $1050  ($600 for hacking and $450 endorsement fee for a Professional Engineer)


Supply labour to:
1. construct 50mm kitchen cabinet base with side tile
2. make good wall affected by hacking @ kitchen 
3. make good tile affected by relocation of power pts 

Cost: $830


Supply labour to:
1. install bidet sprayer and toilet accessories for 2 bathroom
2. install 2 instant heater or 1 storage heater
3. joint inlet/outlet pipe for kitchen sink and tap
4. install rain shower for master bathroom

We bought all our bathroom and kitchen products from Hoe Kee @ Joo Chiat Complex. Now that I'm so used to the rain shower, showering without it is just so different! This is why when I sleep over at my parents' place, I'd rather return home first and then shower lol #firstworldproblem.

Cost: $480


Supply labour & material to paint

1. whole house with Nippon Vinilex 5000 paint (5 colour plus white)
2. piping and door frame

Danna and I initially thought of painting the whole house ourselves to save cost but thank God we scrapped that idea. Just what were we thinking?!?! I helped Ira paint her bedroom weeks before she got married last Dec and my arms almost gave up on me -_-

The colours for our walls are mainly white and shades of grey. You can check them out here.

Cost: $1550

Carpentry Work

1. Kitchen

Custom made:
1. 33FT top & bottom kitchen cabinet c/w 20FT Quartz table top, drawers, soft closing casement door, 1 set of dish drainer, ABS trimming & laminate finish
2. 8ft table top at kitchen half height wall c/w ABS trimming & laminate finish
3.  Additional 1 ft table top c/w laminate

2. Master bedroom

Custom made:
1. 7FT full height casement wardrobe c/w soft closing casement door, drawer, mirror, ABS trimming & laminate finish @ master bedroom
2. Additional 1/2 ft full height wardrobe c/w PVC
3. Inner colour PVC for master bedroom wardrobe
4. 4nos shelving @ DB box cabinet area
5. Install 1 13amp single socket

I guess one of the reasons why we managed to keep the budget low for our reno is the fact that aside from the master bedroom, we left the other two rooms absolutely empty.

Cost: $9300


Supply labour to:
1. install cooker hop point
2. relocate 5 nos. power point in kitchen & main bedroom
3. relocate data point @ main bedroom
4. install whole house light fitting
5. relocate lighting switch from kitchen main entrance affected by hacking
6. install 1no ceiling fan @ living area

We bought all our lights from Tampoi and that really helped save a lot of bucks for us!

Cost: $1050

So in a nutshell.....
Total amount for entire renovation: $14600



Of course, there are other things we added that's done by other companies, like our vinyl flooring for example. That itself comes up to almost $4.7K, still slightly cheaper than the quotation we received from our ID. Even with free cement screed from HDB, we still paid $700 to get them to top up an additional 5mm. We have air-cons in all three bedrooms and that cost us about $2.8K. Recently, we made slight reno works to our master bedroom toilet tiles, installed warm lights for both washrooms and added a few shelves in the bedrooms. & we're still thinking of adding more shelves......

I swear you can't get enough of your own house and just keep wanting to do/add more things!

So yup, in total our entire renovation costs us slightly more than $22K. As you know we got our keys while we were busy preparing for our big fat wedding, so we wanted to keep our budget low and go loan-free. It seems impossible at first but thankfully we did it!! 

& now, the answer to one of the frequently-asked-question I get via email, my renovation is done by....

9 Creation!!

One of the many things I love about them is the fact that they didn't judge or pass snide remarks when we first informed them of our low budget, unlike many others companies that we met. The person we worked with is Roland and he's super efficient, very attentive to details and most of all respect what we really want to do. Quite honestly I was hesistant at first bcos I couldn't find any reviews about them online, plus they don't really share a lot of their works on their socmed pages but turns out working with 9 Creation is a great decision. We didn't burn a great hole in our pockets and there's absolutely nothing to complain about the workmanship. Two thumbs and many fat little toes up for 9 Creation:D

Now I shall find some time to take pictures and write about my next home tour entry!

xoxo, N

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  1. Hi Nyna,may i know where did you get your vinyl flooring from? I am quite interested in that too!!Thanks.


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