My $22K Home Reno Journey

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Yes, I'm aware, this entry is way overdue!! I've received emails from some of my readers asking me about my reno ID and how much I've spent on it and I know I've promised this post a long time ago.

I hope the title of this post has grabbed your attention and I shall try to share as much reno detail as possible with hopes that you future homeowners reading this will find it useful. :D

Syawal 1438H In A Nutshell

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The only reason why I'm excited for this year's Raya - first time celebrating it with a husband! :D Donning the outfits we bought from our trip to KL during the fasting month. Khatam on him and Ariani+Naelofar on me.

Planning the houses to visit on the first day for this year was a headache for us at first cos our elders are scattered all over the different parts of Singapore. Unlike my single years where my first day of Syawal was all about visiting just two houses, now the list on my must-visit just for Day One seem endless! T_T

Grumpy Cat Turns 30!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Danna's birthday this year is special because it involves a few firsts for the both of us. His first birthday with the digit three in front, first birthday as a husband, in our first house and other firsts I rather not disclose here. So of cos, I want to make this day an extra memorable one, also considering the fact that we've never ever celebrated his birthday together since we dated three years back.

I've been asking him countless times what he wants for his birthday gift many weeks before his big day. & as always he brushed the idea off, asking me to save my money instead (my wallet was glad to hear that hahaha) but OF COURSE I'm not gonna let the day pass without doing a little something for him. So I came up with this idea of having all his dearest friends gathered together to give him the birthday surprise of his life. & where else is a better place to have it than our own home sweet home!

The plan goes like this : Both of us will be at my bff's place while my brother-in-law sneaks into the house. Then slowly his friends will arrive and wait for us to come back home and then SURPRISE!

The partners-in-crime. None other than the Bliss family :D

Feasting on Arnold's and puffs from Polar while waiting for the birthday boy.

Danna and I were at the door when I pressed the doorbell as a signal for them to get ready. See that sparkle candles? I knew I wanted them the day I saw this cute video..

Yusuf Iskandar my fav baby to stalk on IG!! Not forgetting that fat cat at the back lol lol

SURPRISEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Someone's blushing like mad here nawww

Other than the sparkle candles, I also bought those magic relighting candles so he had to blow several times before the lights went out. Got these two candles from Carousell!

See the resemblance? LOL

I know how much he doesn't like surprises but seeing him so happy surrounded by the people he loves so dearly- his family, close friends and most importantly, me (hurhur), makes me feel so good.

Happy belated birthday danna. Here's to more birthday celebrations with you, insyaAllah. I will always pray for all the good things for you and for us, in this temporary world and hereafter. I love you big time my grumpy cat! 

xoxo, N