My First Skydiving Experience!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ever since my sky jump experience at Macau back in 2013, (blogged here!) I've always wanted to try something crazier than that - and that is to skydive at least once in my entire lifetime. The idea of it sorta lived in a fantasy state cos God knows how terrified I am of height but at the same time, it's one of the things I really want to strike off my bucket list and show-off. Heheee ok I kid on that last part:p

So when danna and I decided on NZ for our honeymoon, I know that we must do this together.
i) I thought it's cool we partake in something we're both equally scared of. ii) my mom can't say no to this one cos my husband gimme green light one. huahuahua

Here it is, the one and only reason for our trip to Wanaka - our 15000ft tandem skydive!!!!!
The two gentlemen looking oh so calm but deep inside they're going nuts and freaking out. Me? Aside from refraining my itchy fingers from googling for "fatal skydiving accident" and things like that on my phone, I was also having countless trips to the washroom while waiting for our names to be called. T_T
Right after our short and sweet video briefing, it was time to gear up! Nerve-wrecking + excited all rolled into one.

 We were introduced to our professional buddy and videographer, who did a quick interview before we get on the plane. He was asking me if I have anything to say to anyone who is going to watch this video so I made a special shoutout to my mom and apologized in advance if she sees the video in the future. I was right, she was fuming mad when I returned and told about my experience :p

Finally it's time for my most awaited adventure! When the plane took off, the whole thing became somewhat surreal. The feeling of surrender splashed all over me as I looked through the tiny window and seeing how everything is getting smaller and smaller. At the same time, my heart beats faster and faster....
Up and away we go! LOL at Fiq's excited face vs danna's muka pasrah and how his goggles looks like two devil horns on his head bahahha

At 12000 ft, the door opened for other skydivers. I couldn't bear to watch them leaving the cabin so I had my eyes shut all the time. It was at this moment that I started hearing voices at the back of my head asking me "WHY DID I SIGN UP FOR THIS????" repeatedly. 
First up to go was Fiq. I can’t begin to explain what it’s like to hear the door open again at 15000ft and feel the rush of wind entering the cabin.I watched with my heart in my throat as he slowly moves to the door....
..and disappeared JUST.LIKE.THAT.

I don't even have time to turn to danna and give him the "we're-screwed" face. Next thing I knew, it's this scaredy-cat's turn..

This is it!!!! I was trying so hard not to look down in case I change my mind at the very last minute and THIS happens. My buddy pulak sebok asked me to look and smile at the camera which of cos I MNL cos honestly my body da kejung to do anything at all. Look at my feet dangling off the plane like that! 

& there we go!! All I remember doing was screaming Allahu Akbar repeatedly while holding on to nothing but my straps but then I realized that might scare my buddy so I zipped my mouth instead lol

The first few seconds was hell to me. I don't like the falling sensation, made me feel like my heart's gonna burst any minute! But as soon as my buddy launched the parachute, I found myself at peace and slowly breathing again phew.The wind was hitting my face so hard and I simply couldn't get my mouth closed. I remember thinking to myself damn I'm so gonna look freaking ugly in all my pics......

& boy I was right -___-

Danna jumped after me and it's so not fair that his videographer captured better pictures than mine.

Feeling at the top of the world!

And just like that, everything's over and I can proudly strike skydiving off my bucket list! 

Will I do it again? Honestly, NOPE. I guess once is enough to mess my mind for the rest of my life lol. Just blogging and reliving this moment makes my hands sweat buckets, you know? But do I strongly recommend my family or friends to go for it? ABSOLUTELY YES PLEASEEE!

Honestly, it’s hard to put into words that ten minutes of fear, anticipation, excitement, and relief experience so you gotta try it to see it for yourself! It's not the cheapest activity you can find but it is definitely a priceless experience you’ll live throughout your life. That feeling of freedom and accomplishment is just exhilarating and I will always remember forever 

xoxo, N


  1. This entry make me laugh out loud!! 😂 Thank you for sharing your experience!

    1. Must be cos of the pics of my distorted face right lol. Thank you for reading!


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