Mount Iron Track

Saturday, June 24, 2017

We were on cloud nine and feeling extra adventurous right after throwing ourselves off a plane from 15000ft in the air, so we decided walk up the Mt Iron track in Wanaka. A relatively easy scenic hike as compared to the Temple Basin! The summit offers a wonderful 360-degree view of the lake, town and beautiful surroundings and I'm so glad to have Fiq to help take so many pretty pictures of us there.

We got lost while making our way back to the campervan and according to the GPS it's a 4km walk away. Too bad that's the only choice we had, but hey I must say I enjoyed every single part of it!

 As you can see, it was getting dark as we started our long walk and before we even reach the halfway point, night has already fallen. The thing about NZ is that you won't see as many street lights along the road as you do in Singapore so we had to solely depend on our handphone's torchlight to guide the way. Fiq was joking how our situation is a perfect scene in most horror stories lol so true.

Finally, after what seems like a 24hours walk, we're reunited with our campervan!!
 Both Fiq and I were knocked out the moment we sat inside it. Meanwhile, the poor danna had to stay awake throughout the two hours drive. Thank you for always driving safely boo!

The guys decided to drop by the famous church in Lake Tekapo, the Church of the Good Shepherd to catch a glimpse of the milky way. Just staring at the gleaming and glittering dark skies is one of the most serene feeling ever. Oh how I miss this view so SO much 

xoxo, N

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