Monday, May 15, 2017

The danna and I have been thinking of a short getaway before Ramadhan but we simply couldn't decide on a destination. I was thinking of places I've never set foot in before, like Krabi or Japan(!!) but the danna has been to Krabi before and Japan isn't exactly his cuppa tea kind of place. (sigh) A friend of ours suggested Sabah and we thought, why not eh since it's a new place to explore together!

Here's our stay throughout our three nights in Sabah...

The Borneo Beach Villa. 

How I wish we had more time in the villa doing absolutely nothing, just hanging around the pool and the beach right behind it. Too cantik this place! Pics from Agoda. View more here.

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My morning view from the dining table as I enjoy my breakfast every day.

We reached Kota Kinabalu on a Friday night and the first place we visited was the Filipino Market. 
Interesting place to get dried food, local snacks, fruits, souvenirs and many more. All at a great $$$!

.. oh and not forgetting, fresh seafood!

That's danna's friends who tagged along with us for this trip. Our meal for that night costs us less than S$20 per pax. Cheap or whuts!

We started day two with a visit to the Desa Cattle Dairy Farm.

Love this place cos it doesn't look like we're in Malaysia at all! Feeling-feeling back in NZ lah kan.

The highlight of our visit here. I ended up feeling those goats 101 times cos jakon lol.


How the picture you take for your friends turns out...

...vs the picture your friends take for you. Photobomb sume masok -_-

Next up, the Poring hot spring! According to the danna's friends,(they're Malaysians so yay to cheaper entrance fee hehe) this is a must place to go for anyone visiting Sabah.

But I thought it was so... meh? It's not my kind of thing and I honestly didn't feel it was hygienic.

The jungle walk in search of the waterfall was so much memorable as compared to the hot spring. Totally reminded us of NZ, which I'm so gonna blog about next!

Another round of seafood to end the day. Cholesterol level off the roof liao!

Day three and we're out for fun time under the hot sun~

Off to island hopping, here's me before I turned 100000 shades darker.

We chose four different islands and paid RM53 each.


Our very first snorkeling experience together. 

So yup, that pretty much sums up our adventure in Sabah. So bummed at the fact that we can't afford to travel as much as we would love to after Hari Raya, but oh well~ Another set of adventure awaits us! 

xoxo, N

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