Arthur's Park

Monday, May 22, 2017

Back to my honeymoon entries. Next up - Arthur's Park! Leaving Fox Glaciers is something I've been very much looking forward to ever since our first night cos the weather's too crayy cold for me there!

One out of the endless breathtaking views we witnessed while on the road...

We reached Hokitika Town Centre and did some groceries shopping...

Enjoyed a stroll along the beach...

...& of cos, taking 10573 OOTDs of each other :p
Our choice of accommodation for the next two nights was at a powered site @ Jackson Retreat.
So that basically means we're spending the nights inside our small yet cosy campervan.

Click here to find out more about Jackson Retreat!
We quickly settled down, cooked our dinner inside the super clean and spacious shared kitchen and later decided to get adventurous and explore the Ngarimu Walking Track, just behind the tent sites.

The one and only signboard around, then we just have to figure out the way around on our own.

Questioning my life decisions as I walked through the native bush, crossed the stream and got lost....
Almost forty minutes later, here it is. It was so quiet and serene and for a moment we felt disconnected from the world, especially when we spot not a single human throughout our journey.

The view from our campervan while we enjoy breakfast the next day.

We got lost looking for Arthur's Pass track so we just stopped the campervan and explored around.

Up the track we gooooo~

For the first half and hr we were so semangat and stopped every five minutes to snap a few pictures.

Look how far we've walked yo! *pats on back*

Moments later, my cranky mode was switched on and I was already wondering when this is going to end. I took my own sweet time up the steep track while questioning my life decisions once again.

Here's danna taking pictures of his miserable wife, as he watches her walking by herself from the top. T_T

The "best" part about this walk is that i) we have no idea where exactly we're heading ii)we didn't bring any water with us. -_- I had to take multiple breaks cos I just couldn't take it! At one point while I was resting my poor legs, I took out the camera, looked through my gallery and came across this pic..

I didn't realise there was a signboard!! So I zoomed into it to find out how long this track is going to take us and where on earth are we exactly at. Apparently we're at the Temple Basin and it supposedly should take us an hr and a half to and fro from this footbridge. By then it was almost two hours and it felt like we're not even halfway done!

See the red house in this pic? I almost gave up especially when the danna walked up too fast I lost sight of him. As soon as I reached the top, I saw him waving at me while holding on to a hose with water spurting out of it. I remember going OH THANK YOU GOD a hundred times and ran with all my might towards danna. I couldn't care less whether or not the water is clean or safe for consumption.

The moment the ice cold water touched my throat IT WAS DIVINE I SWEAR.


It took us two hours and fifty minutes to reach the top!


All smiles cos we made it! The walk down seems a lot faster and easier than going up tho'.

This has got to be one of the things I will always remember, and I hope we will never forget. Personally it's more than just a tramping experience for me; the whole thing actually taught me the importance of being patient and understanding when faced with difficulties and undesired situations.
 Not forgetting learning to trust my partner and most importantly God in times of uncertainties.

Hmm, sounds a lot like how marriage works, no?

xoxo, N

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