Arthur's Park

Monday, May 22, 2017

Back to my honeymoon entries. Next up - Arthur's Park! Leaving Fox Glaciers is something I've been very much looking forward to ever since our first night cos the weather's too crayy cold for me there!

One out of the endless breathtaking views we witnessed while on the road...

We reached Hokitika Town Centre and did some groceries shopping...

Enjoyed a stroll along the beach...

...& of cos, taking 10573 OOTDs of each other :p


Monday, May 15, 2017

The danna and I have been thinking of a short getaway before Ramadhan but we simply couldn't decide on a destination. I was thinking of places I've never set foot in before, like Krabi or Japan(!!) but the danna has been to Krabi before and Japan isn't exactly his cuppa tea kind of place. (sigh) A friend of ours suggested Sabah and we thought, why not eh since it's a new place to explore together!

Here's our stay throughout our three nights in Sabah...

The Borneo Beach Villa. 

How I wish we had more time in the villa doing absolutely nothing, just hanging around the pool and the beach right behind it. Too cantik this place! Pics from Agoda. View more here.

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My morning view from the dining table as I enjoy my breakfast every day.