KL Fabulous Food Hunt II

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ahhhh KL.... Remember how frequent I used to come here?

Right, that's before the whole wedding and house preparation took most of my time (and money T_T) away and I had to think 938482 times before booking a flight to this makan heaven.

So when my cousins brought up the idea of traveling to KL during the long weekend on Vesak day, way back in early Jan this year, of cos I just HAVE TO say yes! I miss KL SO much! Even when that means I won't have danna with me since he has his wedding assignments already but issssokeyyy~

The cousins and I decided to explore the Damansara area, instead of the Bukit Bintang area I'm always so familiar with. Here's our stay for eight people plus one toddler for our two nights.

More about this place here.

A super duper spacious penthouse and the best part is, it doesn't cost a bomb at all. Especially so when the amount is divided by eight people. Sucha score! My only thumbs down? No wi-fi. MEH.

Right after we've settled down and washed up, we headed straight to our first makan place..........

Peter and Mawar // Website
C-01-GF, Block C, Sunway Nexis, Jalan PJU 5/2, Dataran Sunway, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Oh before that, haven't you heard? Traveling by Grab is SO MUCH cheaper than a taxi here in MY. Not forgetting so much more convenient too. I remember getting cheated by cab drivers so many times before by going round and round just to waste my time and moolah. 

Best churros I've ever tasted!! Not like I've tried so many of them also hehe but this one here is so soft zomg craving for some right meow!!

All the good food we had. I ordered a stragonoff with salted egg soft shell crab it was SO SOOOOOOOO GOOD *SALIVATING*

Headed down to The Curve to do a lil shoppin at Poplook and then we tried out their Escape Room at E-Curve. All I can say is will surely be an experience none of us will ever forget!

Look who made it to the Wall of Fame!

We made it in the nick of time! Just by one second:D

Day two in KL.

Dotty's Pastries & Coffee // Facebook
20, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It was almost 11am when we reached this pretty cafe and there was a long queue in front of the door. We had to wait for more than half an hour before we even get to get into the cafe. Honestly, if it was just me I would have given up in the first 30 seconds. Patience doesn't run in mah blood! T_T

Which is why we ordered almost everything off the menu HEHEHE. I mean, after all the wait, why not right. And this is only what's on my table, not the other. :p My quiche lorraine was DA BOMB.

My giant pavlova.

I posted this on my IG and one of my friends texted me asking if all of us are pregnant. tsk tsk that's just happy us with our even happier tummies hokay.

If you were to ask me if I'd make a second visit, my answer is a big fat YES PLS. Just that next time I need to remember to make a reservation first lah hor.

Dropped by Bangsar Village to shop at Fashion Valet and had lunch over at Wondermama. Fusion food lover, this is definitely the place to go. Some items on their menu include the Asam Pedas Mussels & Nasi Lemak Soft-Shell Crab. The not-adventurous-when-it-comes-to-food-me only ordered their Tom Yum Fried Rice, which turns out to be a huge serving but still so sedap!

We headed down to Taman Tun Dr Ismail to get our hands on some Naelofar.

& of cos some people aren't happy with all the waiting :p

Another round of Escape at the same place since we can't bring baby Aleeya to watch FF8 with us. As you can see from our tempeh basi faces, we lost this time round lol

Bubba Gump to end the night!

Last day in KL!

Rimba and Rusa // Facebook
D-GF-01, Ground Floor, 2, Jalan PJU 5/14, Sunway Nexis, 47810, Kota Damansara, Selangor, 47810 Kota Damansara, Malaysia

Situated right opposite Peter and Mawar, this was the first place we were planning to go to the moment we reached KL. Little did we know that it was closed on Fridays! Lesson learned : Always check operating hrs before we visit any place! (sidetrack: we also went to Tropicana City dengan niat wna eat at Gyu-Kaku, only to find out that they have closed down in MY!!! Sedih + kempunan T_T)

Anyhoots, for Rimba and Rusa - ambiance + food + service = lima bintang!

Oh how I wish everyday's Sunday! Counting down to my next getaway this weekend with LOMF :p

xoxo, N

Wedding Vendor Reviews - Photo & Videography

Monday, April 17, 2017

So..... I have just received my official wedding video a couple of days ago, which means I can finally post my final review for my wedding and get it all over and done with my kahwin-kahwin posts!!

White Space Voids Society

Unlike the rest of our wedding preparations, choosing our wedding photographer is something I have absolutely no say in. The danna has made it clear from the start that he doesn't want any of his Bliss friends to shoot for us so I leave this part entirely up to him cos I trust him and I know he knows best. You may be wondering how come this name doesn't ring a bell to you, well that's because they're based not in Singapore but in Malaysia instead. Some pictures of their works to share here...

Ahh there's just something about Malaysian's wedding that's so different from the ones in Singapore. So dreamy, I like! As for WSVS, I like how clean their pictures turned out to be.

I don't think I've ever mentioned about them anywhere in this blog before, or how danna and I even ended up choosing photographers from Malaysia when there's plenty in Singapore. Truth is I would love to just get any photographers here (so that I don't have to think about their transport and accommodation) but like I've said I trust the danna and I know he has very high expectations when it comes to our wedding pictures.

Anyhoots, the process of working with WSVS was easy peasy from the start cos the danna is actually friends with them :D

Bliss PhotoCinema X White Space Voids Society

We had two photographers for the day and they're both such jokers, so sooooo fun to be around with! They were saying that I'm one of the few brides that's easy to work with cos they don't have to tell me what or how to pose. Oh wells... *blows nails* HAHA. 

& their final outcome? No need to say lah I suka seratus persen!!

Ok let me selit this shot with our orang kuat and say my special thanks to Sharmee for agreeing to be our emcee at the very last minute. Our deejay went MIA less than a week before the wedding so I really don't know what I'd do without her. We love you many many Sharm!

The V

I first blogged about them here.

Another vendor from across the border, and we have absolutely no regrets taking them.

A post shared by The V (@_thev) on
Eh my idol :p

I don't think I will ever post my official wedding video online so here's some gifs of it. The quality and resolution of the video is greatly  reduced when I created these gifs. They look so much better in their video form.

You can watch the highlights of my wedding, the not-so-professional version, here.


We had to record this a few times because I just can't stop giggling?!?


The nervous groom


I love how they shoot one simple scene in many different angles.

I also love the different shots of our guests.


Look at my cutie brother-in-law moments before he started on his cryfest...


There he goes.....there he goes again~~~


My favourite part of our sanding. My two ngok girlfriends Airah and Tina have never met my best friends before so I was pretty surprised to see them clicking so well together. THANK YOU you two for staying throughout the entire event even though you two hate attending weddings and socialising with other people as much as I do heh heh. I know you will be reading this, here's for you *tolomoc* :p 


 I wished the video had a longer clip of them performing. But it's okay cos Akrab uploaded this!

I've watched these videos like, 200 times already? LOOOOVE IT.

There's even have a timelapse of the guests who came up to the dais to take pictures with us!

& with that, I end my wedding related entries! It has been a joyful journey preparing for the big day and I never would have anything any other way. For those of you who are counting down the days to your big day, remember to enjoy every single bit of it, both the good and ugly. Before you know it everything's gonna be over and life's pretty much not going to be the same again.

Well for me, at least. :)

xoxo, N