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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Moving on to the next three important vendors....

Food Catering 
Puteri Wedding Services

I first blogged about them here.

What's there NOT to love about PWS? Their service, presentation and quality of their food deserve all the thumbs up! I also like how professional their staff looked, both the kendarat and the servers behind the buffet line. Oh and I just found out the boss and my dad were kampong neighbours. Small world!

There are three packages to choose from and we chose the Tiara.

What we have on the menu:

Nasi Putih (Plain Rice)
Nasi Minyak
Daging Lembu Masak Briyani
Ayam Masak Merah
Black Pepper Prawn
Sambal Goreng Pengantin
Dhal Char
Rojak Petis
Live Station : Mee Soto & Roti Jala
Hot Drinks : Coffee & Tea
Cold Drinks : Ice Water & Fruit Punch
15 Types of Assorted Desserts
Refreshment - Ice Jelly & Cheng Teng

Best kan the quantity of food! Yang tak best is the pengantin didn't have a chance to enjoy them all! :(

Price wise they're on the steeper side (> $20 per person cos washing and cooking not allowed on site) but was it worth every single moolah? Definitely!!!

The Chic Wedding

What more can I say about the Chic Wedding? First blogged about them here and later I shared more about what happened the night before here. I got to be honest here but I have serious doubts when the Danna first suggested them in the first place, (well, to be fair they're very new in the industry..) but today I'm so grateful we switched to them just thirty-seven days before our wedding.

Pictures of their lovely deco can be viewed in my nikah/reception entries..

Oh btw they are having a promotion right now.

So cepat go drop them an email!

Ishq by Norazee

I remember at one point of time I saw nothing but negative reviews about Nora whenever I read other BTBs' blogs. Even some of my own family and friends have their share of unpleasant experience with her. So of cos naturally I was a bit concerned whether I made the right choice or not.......

For me, working with Nora and her team is nothing but a walk in the park. I met her first during our first appointment to make the deposit (I didn't even have any colours or inspirations in mind!) and she's absolutely nothing like what I've heard of. Nothing but a sweet, funny lady, she is. More than a year later we met her darling sister to select our outfits. Blogged about that here.

The Danna requested for Ilah to do my makeup instead, don't ask my why I'm a noob when it comes to makeup and stuff!

I remember how my jaws dropped when I first looked at the mirror. You know how I'm always make up-less 99% of the time so seeing that much makeup on my face is kinda shocking! In a good way of cos!

& Ilah, she was such a great person to be with! Lysa accompanied me while I was being dolled up and the three of us talked and laughed non stop. Oh btw, the contact lens I was wearing that day was from Ilah and I love it! Initially I was having doubts at first cos it has been years since I put one on, thanks to my lasik surgery, but after seeing the huge difference it made, I just go ahead and pray hard I won't get any infection or anything hahaha

My three gorgeous outfits...

For my nikah, a new piece for 2017 collection.

My customised songket. I am in love with the colour oh so much.

& lastly, my Fizi Woo dress.

Impossible to choose which is my favourite of them all.

So yup, if you were to ask me now if I made the right choice despite the pandangan serong from my family and friends, my answer is no way Jose! In fact if danna decided to sanding again ala ala Shuib and Siti Sarah for our future anniversary, Ishq will definitely still be my numero uno choice hehehe

xoxo, N


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