#nynaenzo - The Solemnization

Friday, February 24, 2017

Ahh so here's all about the day that changed my life forever.

The day started very early at 6am. I was hoping I could take a nap after my prayer(last one as a single lady:/)but Ilah was scheduled to arrive at 7.30am so I used the time to slowly enjoy my breakfast.

Ilah and her assistant Nad came right on time and once they arrived it's all straight to work. I wasn't expecting @wsvs.co and @_thev to enter the room when I was getting ready. So when I heard they were waiting at the door, I hurriedly grabbed my shawl and covered my head the sembarang way...

..which explains the mustache stickers you see on my head hehe

Details of my beautiful dress. I first blogged about it here.

Ahhhh I love everything about this dress! Especially the fact that I was the first bride to put it on!

Henna stains by@iannainurynn and lovely bouquet from @fleursbyspoleczny.

I love how the photographer captured a lot of candid pictures of me like this. If you don't already know, my phone and I, we're inseparable :p

One last touch up and we're ready to go! Darling Nad who made sure I look my best the entire time.

Entrance to the hall.

Details of the dais. Thank you @thechicwedding!

So beautifully decorated but sadly Danna and I only get to sit for less here for less than 20 mins.

The good people from @olalola.sg working on my 10-tiered macaron tower before the solemnization.

250 pieces of them but guess how many I get to eat? JUST. ONE. :')

Walking to the hall accompanied by my best friends and baby sister.

Much love for these girls. Bridesmaids' turquoise printed cotton from @contentoprints.

Danna and his orang kuat. We chose not to exchange any dulang gifts and the one and only dulang we have was for my mas kahwin. (Dulang beautifully decorated by Yati @fleursbyspoleczny)

Actually there's a lot of things we decided not to have for the wedding. To name some, no bunga rampai to be distributed after the nikah. No bunga pahar/sireh dara on the dais. We're probably one of the few couples you know without a single duit hantaran. We wouldn't even have any bunga manggar, if it's not for my mom who requested for it after someone commented how un-melayu my wedding is.

As I was slowly making my way into the hall, I felt a strong wave of intense happiness washing all over me. The day I've been waiting for for so long is finally here. Almost made me wanna burst out crying tears of joy there and then. :')

The moment I saw the danna and his entourage walking into the hall in his baju kurungsongkok and samping like that, my heart skipped a beat and the butterflies in my tummy just went bonkers.

The two wakil from both our families reciting some prayers while waiting for the tok kadi's arrival.

Ustaz Irwan Shah, Daddy who is my wali, together with our saksi.

I've been told many times that I look like my baby sister, to which I always beg to differ. But when I first saw this picture, I went "Oh my we DO look alike!"

I love listening to khutbah nikah but for some reason I can't fully concentrate on what the tok kadi said that day. My eyes were fixed on what's around me, slowly digesting the fact that my life is going to change in the next few minutes. Stole a glance at the (then) soon-to-be-husband every ten seconds and smiling so hard my cheeks hurt.

And here it is, the most anticipated moment of the day.

The amount of respect I have for this man was overwhelming right after his "Aku terima nikahnya.."

I was holding my breath throughout the entire lafaz nikah moment and at the end of it, I remember telling my baby sister I can't believe I'm not crying like a hundred times lol

You see, I was 1000000% confident that I will go on a cry fest after the nikah but surprisingly I did not! Not even a single tear I tell ya. It's funny cos my close ones know just how much of a sappy person I am. But hey, glad I didn't or else my (expensive) makeup would be ruined!

Oh but guess who flooded the hall instead? Nope it's not the danna either...............

It's my cutie BIL hahaha. He became the laughing stock of our friends till today :p

Shortly after the nikah ceremony, the photo taking begins!

Our couple shots in one word : AWKWARD! I was so shy shy cat when I had to kiss his hand and we were both so crazily embarrassed with all those kissy shots the photographer told us to pose for.

No exchange of rings cos we didn't get the danna a wedding band. Just a ring for my mas kahwin.

Some group photos to share...

My family, who are now his too.

His family and now they're mine too.

Oh this is so funny. We found out our grandparents are best friends and they only found out about us during the wedding! What a small world, huh?

The two craziest girlfriends in the entire planet! We made this our Whatsapp display photo with the poor danna being cropped out hahaha

I love this pic so much & I love all of you guys a lot more. Hariz's last few days in SG before he left for Abu Dhabi :(

The Bliss family who are also the orang kuat for this wedding!

Dah halal!

May He bless this marriage and let it be a means for us to become closer to Him. I love you :)

xoxo, N


  1. Hi, was reading your blog, and you mention that you does not have duit hantaran. so does that mean your marriage certificate indicate the amount as $0?

    1. Under the marriage expenaea, it is indicated as NIL.


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