Days before my Big Day!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Today marks the third month since my marital status changed. =)

We have recently received our wedding photos from WSVS and I must say looking through all of them puts a smile on my face and makes me miss my big day oh so much. Honestly I don't remember much about my pre-wedding days (oh what I DO remember are the nasty people with their nasty comments about everything bleargh!!!) but all I know the preperation was such a breeze. Alhamdulillah! 

Sure we have a few things that didn't go our way, like our DJ going MIA less than a week before our wedding after we've made the payments and the company we rented our stage from couldn't make it in time during our preparation day so we had to forgo them and rent from the venue at a higher price. But! I know there are other people who had it worst (recently someone's dad aka the wali didn't turn up for her wedding at all so they had the event without actually getting married:/ ) so I'm pretty thankful.

Plus at the end of the day, everything on my big day went well, (according to the danna and me, at least!) everyone is happy and healthy so it's all good!

So before I share about my wedding, here are some things that happened some days before that!
I wasn't exactly the busiest bride, in fact I was more busy with my work! It was the end of the semester period so things are really packed which leaves me with no time to even think about my wedding.

Two days before The Big Day
17 November 2016

My BFFs, maternal and some of my paternal cousins came down to accompany the bride-to-be-me!

So thankful for every single one of their company. They stayed up pretty late and helped me distract myself from work. Yes I was still getting messages about work despite already being on leave that day T_T To the extend one of my colleagues had to come down to my house that night to take my laptop and continue my work cos I can't do anything with my hands already. Cray cray~~~~

The end product.

There are some smudges here and there cos I can't keep still, but it's ok lah no one noticed it also :D

One day before The Big Day
18 November 2016

Hariz was supposed to pick my family and I up to the hotel but he went MIA for hours. My parents were finding faults with me over the littlest things so the journey to the hotel in the cab was very gloomy. My mom even purposely chose to talk to Fina all the way and completely ignoring me.

So guess who cried all the way from Bukit Batok to Changi quietly in the cab? :(

Then I received this picture from the Danna and it lifted my mood a little.

Yes the space is HUGE. Me love it so much!

Checked in to Park Avenue Changi and upgraded all our four Deluxe rooms to the One Bedroom suites. My family settled down in their suite while Fina and I enjoyed our time together in ours, doing absolutely nothing and later had my much-needed rest before checking out the venue.

Everything was looking well and as planned except for one thing - the DAIS.


I don't get the flowers or whatever that thing is supposed to be smacked in the middle and obviously I wasn't happy about it! I was like, hellooo I forfeited my depo$it$ with CM for you cos you promised me better things but how come it doesn't seem so now! It took all the strength I have within me to calm down and wait for the danna to come down to see for himself before I make any hasty decisions.

So when he did come down with his friends and they all agreed we should let them know we're not okay with it, I went up to the lady boss and asked her lah how come it looks totally off from our plan. Honestly can't remember what she said, but I do remember replying something I know I shouldn't have. :/  I left her after she said she will talk to the team and see what they can do.

I turned to my bffs, cried a lil and went to the supermarket with the danna and his friends. Really thankful to have these people to lighten up the mood a little cos God knows how ugly I can turn out to be when I'm pissed off. We went back to the venue after I got a call from the lady boss, settled the issue with the dais and went out to get my mind away from the problem.

My poor Hariz. He got into a hit-and-run accident while on the way and I felt SOOOOOOOO bad for screaming at him on the phone for being MIA earlier.

And here you can see the new dais...

I was very pleased with the new dais and even though there's a lot more things I wished I could add. I'm just thankful they were able to make the changes at the very last minute. So I went up to the boss, thanked him and apologized if I was being difficult earlier on. It was at that moment I realised ditching CM for them was a great move. The boss and his team are REALLY nice people and I really felt bad for showing my temper and attitude before that :(

Happy already so can sit on the dais! With the people who kept me sane that night.

It was almost midnight when we're done with the preps so I looked for my parents, said my last goodnight and have my last goodnight kisses as a single lady. My mom hugged me and apologized for her behaviour earlier that day and I got so emotional I broke down. Boooohoooo.

Hariz spent some time with us before he left and it felt so good I wished I could just freeze the moment and keep it forever...

xoxo, N

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