#nynaenzo - The Solemnization

Friday, February 24, 2017

Ahh so here's all about the day that changed my life forever.

The day started very early at 6am. I was hoping I could take a nap after my prayer(last one as a single lady:/)but Ilah was scheduled to arrive at 7.30am so I used the time to slowly enjoy my breakfast.

Ilah and her assistant Nad came right on time and once they arrived it's all straight to work. I wasn't expecting @wsvs.co and @_thev to enter the room when I was getting ready. So when I heard they were waiting at the door, I hurriedly grabbed my shawl and covered my head the sembarang way...

..which explains the mustache stickers you see on my head hehe

Days before my Big Day!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Today marks the third month since my marital status changed. =)

We have recently received our wedding photos from WSVS and I must say looking through all of them puts a smile on my face and makes me miss my big day oh so much. Honestly I don't remember much about my pre-wedding days (oh what I DO remember are the nasty people with their nasty comments about everything bleargh!!!) but all I know the preperation was such a breeze. Alhamdulillah! 

Sure we have a few things that didn't go our way, like our DJ going MIA less than a week before our wedding after we've made the payments and the company we rented our stage from couldn't make it in time during our preparation day so we had to forgo them and rent from the venue at a higher price. But! I know there are other people who had it worst (recently someone's dad aka the wali didn't turn up for her wedding at all so they had the event without actually getting married:/ ) so I'm pretty thankful.

Plus at the end of the day, everything on my big day went well, (according to the danna and me, at least!) everyone is happy and healthy so it's all good!

So before I share about my wedding, here are some things that happened some days before that!