Sunday, January 8, 2017

Two days before we bid goodbye to 2016, my darling best friend Ira officially joined the wife club.

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As always, looking so stunningly beautiful!!! Inside out, with and without makeup :p

I find it really funny how I was expecting myself to bawl my eyes out during my wedding but I didn't, but I really cried an Amazon river when I witnessed my own best friend's solemnization. I couldn't help myself upon seeing Ibu wiping her tears on the dais and the moment Ayah kissed the bride. Ira was trying soooo hard not to cry and I just have to T___T

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One with the bride..

.. and one with the bridesmaids! Hariz was on Facetime with us during the solemnization. Wish you were here with us. Or maybe it should be the other way round. We wish we're there in Dubai with you! 

Day two continues... Deco from Mawar Prada, I'm so loving the pelamin!

Bridesmaid reporting for duty.

My folded sleeve is to cover up the enormous hole I ended up with after I carelessly set the iron to the max temperature that morning. -_-

Just like what Lysa did for my wedding, I did the same for Ira's. I have recorded hundreds of videos from the start till the end of the event and put my favourites together. It's true when people say time flies incredibly fast on your wedding day and at the end of the day you can barely remember every single detail of it. Which is why I'm more than happy to keep the memory alive with these videos of mine, especially for the ones who mean a lot to me 

You can watch it here!

xoxo, N

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