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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy new year ya'll! *throws confetti*

This was just two years ago. The danna and I, our very first time celebrating the new year together.

Funny how it feels like this was like soooo many donkey years ago to me. We're not engaged yet at this time, and we've just applied for a flat like a couple of weeks back. Look at the way I was staring at him like a freak lol. I remember telling myself how I can't wait to spend the last bits of the year with him for the first time once we're married. Like you know, a romantic dinner, fireworks, kiss and all..

So how did we actually spend our last bits of 2016?


What fireworks, I was already yawning so much by 10pm! Still, I must admit, watching something I totally have no idea about like this game right here is better than being out in the crowd. Just the thought of staying up so late gives me a migraine. I guess it's true when my married friends said it; being married turns you into boring person lol 

Anyways, 2016 has been a smooth sailing &  memorable year so far. Highlights of the year :

I still remember the days when I prayed for all the things I have today. Alhamdulillah for all His blessings and bountiful rezeki to me and my dear danna  The new year is going to be an exciting one,  from a totally new workplace to a new place to call home for me. It really feels like I'm pressing the restart button in my life. Twenty seventeen, bring it on!

xoxo, N

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